Almanac Summer: Bombs!

Dips bombs at pool summer photo



The serenity!



Clue: Dips O’Donnell is on the far left, in perfect pre-horseshoe formation.


Currumbin Jan2016 Dad and Anna resize


Holidays are supposed to be relaxing. Not when you have three kids expecting to be hurled into the air.

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  1. Shane John Backx says

    Reservoir baths rules in the 1960s were most specific. No bombing, no wearing board shorts, football shorts or ” okinuies” ( cant quite recall what they were, but they mustve been bad!!). Failure to comply meant instant ejection from the baths by the baths SS!!

  2. Ah memories!!

  3. Great photo!

  4. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Some fine athletes there Dips. You win on technique I reckon. Happy 2017 !!

  5. Phil – interesting point about fine athletes. The boog fella at the far end played reserves grade footy for Collingwood and Fitzroy before having a long career at Preston. Top shelf footballer. The bloke next to him was the best junior athlete I reckon I’ve ever seen. Superb footballer, basketballer, athlete. His long jump record at Parade College remained unbeaten for about 12 years. Then he decided that girls and beer and fun were more attractive. The rest? Good old fashioned battlers.

  6. I think Pierre de Coubertin had the three on the left (actually, no, all five of you) in mind when he developed his Olympic philosophy. When I see this photo I immediately think: Citius, Altius, Fortius. There is also great democracy in the bomb.

  7. JTH – who was who said that a man’s self respect disappears when his pants come down? Is it the same when he undertakes a bomb? What’s missing in this photo is the sign that reads “No running. No bombs”.

  8. Peter Warrington says

    JTH I wanted to ask what it was like doing Offsiders next to Kel Nagle yesterday?

  9. Nice call Peter. It was about 50 degrees in the sun (on set) and Kel was always going to be taking it in more than most.

  10. yeah i was watching the sun creeping over and wondering who was in charge of the set up? you should talk to your union rep…

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