Almanac Ditty: Hello there, you nervous Cat




On the eve of the clash, I thought I would share a poem I recently penned for a passionate, devoted Geelong supporter, our dear mate John Fragopoulas. He and my partner Dave go back years and enjoy needling each other about their respective teams, Dave’s being Port Adelaide. John has taken to texting me on Dave’s mobile so that love gets shared around.


John is also intense in his analysis of the game, and a huge worry wart, so when he expressed anxiety about the Cats’ chances, and the fact he now views Saints as the ‘hunted’, I felt the need to sooth him. Btw, my final comment about Port was just to stir the pot. Being a life long Sainter, I write no-one off….


Hello there you nervous Cat
You shouldn’t really think like that


Remember us both as Cellar Dwellers?
Gosh stocks have risen, those athletic fellas


However Saints can be a fickle lot
So do not despair, indeed fear not


We’ll come out keen, we’ll come out fast
But Danger lurks and we may not last


So Good Luck to both in our favourite sport
Should things go crook, next – those Pretenders Port!


Keep calm, and barrack, John
Go Saints!


Warm regards and look after yourselves in the The Republic.




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