Almanac Cricket: Second Test – Australia v South Africa Day 3: Boxing Day Test





Well if you were at the cricket yesterday and read the media this morning you would have thought it was ‘Davie’s Day’   What an ovation he received when he came into bat at the fall of Travis Head’s wicket for 51.


How the mighty fall.


He tried to turn Anrich Nortje’s first ball to leg and the ball crashed into his middle stump.  Out first ball but with 200 runs to his name.  He received another standing ovation on the way back much to the disappointment of the fans who were clapping him.


Captain Pat’s stay at the wicket was short lived and when he went for four Australia were 6/400.  South Africa were not back in the game but they were certainly enjoying the cooler conditions.


With the freedom to score Alex Carey was showing his class which has not been a regular feature of his Test career so far.  He and Lyon took to the Protea attack until Lyon (25) holed out.


Carey continued on his merry way and his 50 came up with 9 fours. Australia definitely have batted SA out of the game and green comes in to resume his innings.  Why? I am not sure other than to give him the chance of a score in this summer although he would not want to have another knock on his injured hand.


Dean Elgar has had enough of Australia mucking around between overs and stands a popping crease distance from them as more reconstructions take place. This time with Green’s hand!


At lunch Australia are 7/479 with Carey a very fine 62 and Green (14). Anrich Nortje has bowled his heart out and has 3/80 to easily be the best of the attack.


Australia bat on.


Green and Carey are in no trouble and I think there are 2 scenarios (a)  Carey’s maiden century and (b) a long innings from Cameron Green


Carey’s maiden century in Test cricket comes from 133 balls with 13 fours.  It has been the innings of the match so far with shots all around the wicket.


People laugh at Melbourne weather but after yesterday’s near 40 degrees today is probably nearer to 15 – 16.  Only in Melbourne and certainly many spectators have been caught with their pants down (literally)!


Australia bat on.


Carey’s century is done and Green is on 42 and the lead is now 367.  Not enough for Captain Pat.


The GWS recruit’s innings comes to an end on111 when he returns a catch to Jansen.  A splendid performance which will make all the Crows  faaack, faaack!


Green reaches his 50. Plan (b) confirmed and shortly after and during a drinks break Captain Pat splices the main-brace and the Proteas will now walk the plank!.


MAN OVERBOARD!  The first one to walk the plank Captain Dean (0)  caught behind off captain Pat .  South Africa 1/5


Despite the cold, cloudy, overcast day Warner still thumbs his nose at authority by wearing his floppy hat in lieu of the BG.  Fair dinkum mate and you say you are a passionate proud player!


Shortly after he drops a slips catch of Starc.


Runs have come to a standstill since South Africa came to bat but they always look like getting out as they flash at anything just outside the off-stump.


Just looked at the Test batting averages of the next three batters again and they average 27.  That is pretty pathetic at this level of the game.


Looking at the names of players who have moved internationally over the last few years to ploy their trade and you could pick a marvellous team for the Proteas but sadly that is not to be. De Kock, du Plessis, Conway, Abbott, Neser, Marnus L and Neil Wagner to name just a few.


The drizzle that started to fall has now become heavier and all the covers are down.  The likelihood of further play looks now out of the reckoning for the remainder of the day.  This gives the Proteas some breathing space.  The water will do them no harm  but tomorrow is another day.


That is it for today.


In case you read this tonight, and remember we are always first cab of the rank, play starts at 10.00am on Thursday(today).



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About Bob Utber

At 84 years of age Citrus Bob is doing what he has always done since growing up on a small farm at Lang Lang. Talking, watching and writing sport and in recent years writing books. He lives in Mildura with his very considerate wife (Jenny) and a groodle named 'Chloe on Flinders' and can be found at Deakin 27 every day.


  1. Colin Ritchie says

    Another cracking report Bob. Carey looks very much at home in this side. SA very disappointing!

  2. Mark ‘Swish’ Schwerdt says

    Glad to see the son-in-law of my Uni Blacks 1982 flag team-mate bring up his maiden ton.

    Warner is batting 0.00 when I watch him him in 2022. Justice works in funny ways.

  3. Wow, what a most enjoyable day’s cricket. Sad that Head could only manage 3 rubs this morning but that was an excellent delivery that got him. Accompanied by a large fanfare, Warner strode out into the middle only to cop another ripper of a delivery to be cleaned bowled first ball this morning. However there was no stopping Carey. A most entertaining cameo from Lyon really annoyed the Proteas. Green and Starc were really brave to bat on with injured fingers. All in all, a most enjoyable and entertaining day’s play.

  4. Graeme Thornton says

    Excellent report Citrus. Better than Tele. This must be the weakest SA side ever. Not enough Boers ? 3:23 and all over rover. You can be home just before dark. Albeit avoid Kangas.

  5. Citrus admit I disagree re Carey not showing his class regularly at test level now he was to unselfish for his own good in last seasons ashes for mine it’s been regular and a steady consistent move forward

  6. CITRUS BOB says

    RULE – Lovely to hear from you. I do agree that he was always coming into bat when the need for quick runs was a priority. If what I am hearing is true there is every possibility that he will bat at 6 in Sydney and play an extra bowler. Mind you 6 has struggled with getting time out in the middle so it might not be of benefit. Looking back I cannot think of when Carey played a false shot in this knock. Quite one of the best you will see anywhere this summer.


    SWISH – better get the son-in-law of your teammate over for a Footy Almanac function. Better still let’s have lunch in Adelaide. Still cant see why Green and Starc batted.
    GRAEME- DISCRETION IS THE BETTER PART OF VALOUR. Decided to stay the night and then drive home. Thanks for the comments. Coffee as usual?
    BOMBER love the way you use “cracking” Much appreciated.

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