Almanac Cricket: Pomborneit Cricket Club February Review

Welcome to our review for February, keeping you updated on all the happenings at the Pomborneit Cricket Club.

Four wins from four 50 over games for the Division 1 Bulls in February.

Round 10-
Camperdown 8/132 (Lahiru Fernando 2/17, Steve O’Neill 2/22, Brad Hillman 1/16, Tharaka Sendanayake 1/35) lost to
Pomborneit 4/140 (Tom Place 83*, Tharaka Sendanayake 18, Steve O’Neill 15*)

Tom Place scored a career best 83 not out in Round 10

Round 11-
Heytesbury 9/147 (Brad Hillman 3/22, Clinton Place 2/32) lost to
Pomborneit 8/149 (Steve O’Neill 46, Tim Place 30, Luke Reynolds 14, Tom Place 14)

Round 12-
Pomborneit 8/238 (Tim Place 58, Grant Place 51, Tharaka Sendanayake 49*, Tom Darcy 28) def.
Noorat 113 (Brad Hillman 5/29 (inc. hat-trick), Tharaka Sendanayake 2/17, Lahiru Fernando 2/23)

Brad Hillman, pictured with sons Jack & Billy, took a hat-trick amongst his 5 wickets in Round 12

Round 13-
Pomborneit 6/225 (Tim Place 73, Tom Place 52, Dave Murphy 40, Steve O’Neill 21*) def.
Cobden 166 (Brad Hillman 4/33, Lahiru Fernando 4/48)

Two wins, one loss and a washout for the Division 3 Bulls in February.

Round 12-
Pomborneit 109 (Tom Darcy 25, Robbie McInnes 20, Louis Johnstone 12) lost to
Camperdown 8/110 (Wes Lenehan 3/9, Daniel Missen 2/20, Jack Darcy 1/13, Luke Lenehan 1/25)

Round 13-
Princetown v Pomborneit match washed out

Round 14-
Pomborneit 3/225 (Matthew Richardson 106, Wes Lenehan 106) def.

Noorat 89 (Daniel Missen 4/25, Luke Lenehan 2/21, Jack Darcy 2/24)

Matthew Richardson scored his second century of the season in Round 14

Round 15-
Terang 58 (Steve Walters 4/14, Robbie McInnes 2/2) lost to Pomborneit 4/66 (Steve Walters 39, Tony Evans 12*)

The Under 16’s broke through for their first win of the season in the final round. All the best to our skipper Dan Lenehan and our vice- captain Tayla Reynolds as they move up to senior cricket next season.

Round 10- Bye

Round 11-

Cobden 8/108 (Finn Tolland 2/4, Sam Whytcross 2/20, Edward Johnstone 1/13, Riley Bernoth 1/15) def.
Pomborneit 64 (Gavin Reynolds 15, Sam Whytcross 9, Edward Johnstone 8, Finn Tolland 5)

Brady Bernoth and Finn Tolland both made their Under 16 debuts in Round 11

Round 12-
Camperdown 46 (Tayla Reynolds 3/8, Dan Lenehan 3/24, Jack Fleming 2/3) lost to
Pomborneit 6/172 (Sam Whytcross 53 retired, Dan Lenehan 51 retired)

Sam Whytcross and Dan Lenehan both made half centuries in the final round win over Camperdown

UNDER 13’s-
The Under 13’s finished the season very strongly, with all players showing great improvement. All the best to Tyler Parsons, who moves up to Under 16 cricket next season. We look forward to all the other Under 13’s returning for the 2019/20 season.

The 2018/19 Under 13 Bulls

Woolworths Cricket Blast-
What a fantastic inaugural season for our Woolworths Cricket Blast program. Many thanks to all of the parents who attended and helped run the drills and games. A huge thank you to Dave Murphy for organising and being the driving force behind the program. We hope all of the participants enjoyed the program and we look forward to seeing everyone back for the Pomborneit CC Woolworths Cricket Blast in the 2019/20 season!

The Bulls’ Blasters!

A fantastic turnout and a great evening was had by all at the club’s annual “Bullnanza” draw. Congratulations to Matt Barber on taking out the main prize.

President Dave Murphy entertaining the crowd with some classic gags during the Bullnanza draw

Well done to the 5 Bulls who represented South West CA at Melbourne Country Week. The team won 2 out of 4 games.

Country Week Bulls. L-R: Dave Murphy, Tharaka Sendanayake, Clinton Place, Lahiru Fernando, Grant Place

February 7th marked 10 years since the horrific Black Saturday fires. We are eternally grateful for the community and cricketing support we received in the aftermath, and for the donations and hard work that enabled us to clean up and rebuild.

The Pomborneit Recreation Reserve after Black Saturday in 2009

The pavillion only just survived


2/3- v Mortlake at Pomborneit
9/3- Semi Final v Bookaar at Camperdown

2/3 v Woorndoo at Woorndoo

Five Star Stockfeeds
Fennell West Financial Freedom
Koallah Farm
Waldig Civil Construction
Camperdown Country Roasts
MNT Construction
Swayn & McCabe
Think Water Colac
Richardson’s Liquid Waste & Water Cartage
Hillman Building & Maintenance
Hillec Electrical Services
Revamp Hair & Beauty
Gee Bees Media
Country Road Farm Supplies
Camperdown BP Roadhouse
R & B Walters Gardening
B & S Discount Tyres
Icon Sports Warrnambool
Camperdown Bakery
The Butcher’s Cut Cobden
Dean Reynolds Painter
Sadler Transport
Camperdown Compost Company

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Twitter: @PomboBulls

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2019/20 South West CA Division 1 & Division 3 premiers! #gopombobulls


  1. Rulebook says

    Great stuff Luke and enormous respect for how much work goes in to a newsletter like this well done re recognition of the shocking fire good luck to the bulls today !

  2. Great stuff, Crackers.
    And great win today!

  3. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Go Bulls in next week’s final

  4. Go the bulls,Luke thanks for tagging me yesterday re score updates on face book it was nerve racking
    Hopefully higher team total in the gf !

  5. Punxsa-and-the-rest-of-it Pete says

    Horrifying photos of the ground after the Black Saturday fires, Luke. Gee things must of got hairy? I can’t help picturing heroics by the CFA and Pomborneits to stem the fire from engulfing the pavilion. Was this the case or did you dodge a bullet? (And on a lighter note, does a well timed square cut break the speed of sound hurrying across scorched turf?)

  6. Bowled Shane.

  7. Punxsa-and-the-rest-of-it Pete says

    Oh and it’s great how Pomborneit comes with it’s own ‘ite’, so you don’t have to add the ‘ite’ where you refer to the natives. Or is it indeed Pomborneitites? But hey, that’s just too clunky, me thinks, so my instincts say otherwise.

  8. Brilliant that a rural Victorian “town” too small to have a racetrack or trotting track (which is less than 50 people by my reckoning) has such a vibrant and professional cricket community. Well played those men (and women).

  9. Luke Reynolds says

    Thanks Rulebook, Smokie, Swish and JTH.

    Peter Z- very close on the day. The fires burnt right up to the back of the pavillion, even melting a downpipe. Some other minor heat damage to the building. Very lucky in lots of ways, especially as no lives were lost in our district as sadly happened in other areas on Black Saturday. Yes, a scorched outfield is a lightning quick outfield! Not great for keeping shine on the ball though. Pomborneitians is my favourite, but we’re usually referenced as “being from Pombo”.

    Peter B- cheers, the cricket club has always had great support from our (very) small community.
    The current population for the Pomborneit and Pomborneit North area is around 190. Population peaked in 1911 at 496 (despite no racetrack!), with a steady decline since the 1960’s.

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