Almanac Cricket – One Test Wallies

As long  as the sun sets in the West, Callum Ferguson will play more tests than me. No debate there. However I won’t be shocked if that’s his only test. Thinking back through my years on planet earth I thought I’d pick a side of chaps who played test cricket for Australia but for were not able to progress past their debut tests. I will make some qualifications on my XI.


A side needs a wicket keeper. Phil Emery only played the one test, not because he was not up to scratch, his test happened to coincide with the period of two great keepers, Ian Healy and Adam Gilchrist. Re batting, Stuart Law only played once as he had competitors like the Waugh brothers, Ricky Ponting, and Justin Langer. Jeff Moss was unlucky to play only once though in his sole test he got two starts. However he was considered ‘old’, as well there was the reunification after the WSC split, thus there was no chance to add to his tally. Ashley Woodcock was another I have not included as he got a start in his sole test innings, then toured New Zealand, was considered for a recall during the WSC years, then time bypassed him.


So here we  go, a team of Australians who played a sole test but whose performances were such they were not considered worthy of a further test(s).


K Eastwood

W Phillips

P Hibbert

L Joslin

C Ferguson

P Emery

J Mennie

J Watkins

R Duncan

B McGain

S Davis


I should qualify that our most recent pairing can add to their test tally, though I feel Joe Mennie the more likely. Interesting the high representation of Victorians in this team.


Over to you fellow Almanackers.




  1. Peter Schumacher says

    “One Test Wallies”! That’s a bit rough I reckon.

  2. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Great idea Glen ! There are heaps to choose from, but I defy anyone to find a better name than Pud Thurlow, who played his only test against South Africa in 1932.

    Honourable mentions:
    Mick Malone 1977
    Ian Callen 1978

  3. charlie brown says

    Stuart Law I think.

  4. charlie brown says

    Graham Manou.

  5. Beau Casson should get a look in.

  6. Probably the most incongruous “single-tester” for me is Mick Malone, didn’t play 1st class cricket till 25, took a bag of wickets for WA & briefly for Lancashire. Played his sole test in Aust’s ill-fated 1977 Ashes series (3-nil loss), took 6 wkts at 12.83, scored 46 in only hit in the 5th Test. Then joined WSC, never picked for Aust again!

    And of course there are many cricket watchers out there who hope that Pat Cummins WON’T end up in the 1 Test Club – but that’s a matter that we’ll have to wait & see on.

  7. Fair comments chaps. what can i say next ?

    Peter, what title would you bestow on the team ?

    Phil i’m old but Pud Thurlow played when my late mother wa still in nappies ! I can not recall his career.

    Ian callen,mick Malone i’ve forgotten. Callen bowled well in the Adelaide test against India in 1977-78 . Following that he toured the Windies, toured Pakistan in 82, but yep no more tests. Injuries bettered him. Mick Malone got a five for, then scored 46 in his sole test . This was at the Oval in 1977. He didn’t set the world on fire in WSC, disappearing into the ether.

    Beau cCsson ? He toured the Windies a few years back, then was gone. I’ve totally forgotten him. pat Cummins; have we seen the best of him ?


  8. James Grapsas says

    A few off the top of my head:

    Shaun Young – 1997
    Paul Wilson – 1998
    Matthew Nicholson – 1998
    Dan Cullen – 2006
    Clint McKay – 2009
    Peter George – 2010
    Pat Cummins – 2011
    John Hastings – 2012
    James Faulkner – 2013

  9. Peter Warrington says

    Mick Malone actually – and bizarrely – toured the graveyard of Pakistan in 1980. But couldn’t get on the plane for the Centenary Test at Lords a few months later, when he would have been unplayable. did have that awesome run in the ODI team 81-2 I think, recalled with Rick McCosker of all people, but only for the pyjama stuff. even the Windies couldn’t hit him off the square. He was Graeme Porter, with bigger shoulders. Love Mick Malone!

  10. Mick Malone kicked three goals for the Subiaco in the 1973 AFL grand final…

    Ken Meuleman played one Test and scored a duck. A Victorian, he later became a big figure in WA cricket. His son Bob and grandson Scott played for WA.

    WA’s first Test player John Rutherford played just one Test (1956-57) and scored 30. WA players no longer represent Australia in Tests.

  11. Peter Clark says

    Let us hope the new boys (Maddinson, Hanscombe, Renshaw, Sayers) don’t end up qualifying for the ‘Wallies’ Glen. In my lifetime, I’d pick the following one test caps: J.Moss, K. Eastwood, A. Woodcock, S. Law, L. Joslin, K. Slater, P. Emery, M. Malone, R. Duncan, J. Watkins , P. Allan, R. Sellers (12th man). With two leggies in the 12 how could they go wrong! Hopefully ‘Wok’ can land a few on the pitch this time around. Mick Malone and Keith Slater add valuable football experience to the side, if needed.

  12. Luke Reynolds says

    Shaun Young was a quality player who, while not obviously suited to Test cricket, should have played a heap of ODI’s.
    Timing and a bad shoulder injury cost B.McGain an earlier start and more Tests.
    But, if one Test was all you were offered, you’d take it. Jamie’s Siddons and Cox, among many, many others, would no doubt agree.

  13. Joe Mennie (28 overs, 1-85) incredibly unlucky to be given one innings to prove himself at Test level when his batsmen gave him so little to bowl with. Although, he’s not alone over the last 30 years: Simon Davis got 25 overs at New Zealand in 1986, taking 0-70; Bryce McGain got 18 overs against South Africa at Cape Town, taking 0-149 (eek) in an innings loss; and Blocker Wilson got just 12 overs in the innings loss to India in 1998 – even Blewett and M Waugh bowled more than him. While not in same class, worthwhile noting Warne took 1-150 in his first bowling innings and Glenn McGrath 2-92. Might be the right decision but entirely unfair on Mennie.

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