Almanac Cricket – Interview with Jason Sangha


Following his thrilling burst onto the Australian domestic cricket scene, I asked former Australian Under-19 captain and current New South Wales player Jason Sangha what it was like to break through and begin to make a name for himself in the cricketing world. Throughout his responses, it is evident that he is an incredibly humble young man who is eye-opening in his exuberance and love for the game, as well as his thirst to represent Australia in international cricket.


Sean Mortell (SM): In one of your first Sheffield Shield games for New South Wales you scored your maiden first-class century – what was that like as an experience for you?

Jason Sangha (JS): It was an amazing experience. It was a massive confidence booster, especially when getting promoted up the order for that game after I had made a pair in Melbourne. It was nice to know that I could score runs at that level and can also be confident in how I’m hitting the ball regardless of my performance.


SM: Was the milestone an extra special moment considering that you made your runs whilst in a massive partnership with fellow Australian under-19 team member Jack Edwards?

JS: It’s funny – I’ve known Jack since Under 11’s. In fact, we once played against each other at the SCG, so it was great to have a team mate I’ve known for a long time to share that special moment with. Massive credit goes to him and his eagerness to learn more and more about his game. I was extremely proud of him for what he did.


SM: Speaking of the Under-19 team, what was it like to be mentored by the likes of Ryan Harris throughout the World Cup last year?

JS: Both Ryan Harris and Chris Rogers are brilliant. They are some of the best coaches I’ve had and to have their knowledge and experience at the World Cup was awesome. They know so much about the game and to pass their knowledge and tips onto us younger guys was terrific.


SM: Which member of the Under-19 squad do you reckon will be the first to pull on the Baggy Green and make their test debut for Australia?

JS: That’s difficult – I think all the guys in that squad have the talent and capability to do so. A lot of the boys from the squad have played in either the Sheffield Shield, the JLT Community One Day Series or the BBL, so I have no doubt that any one of them could get a go at test level soon!


SM: As seen in your moving article on ‘Players’ Voice’ (I highly recommend giving it a read at, your family is very important to you. How excited and proud were they when you scored your maiden first-class ton?

JS: They were thrilled. I think it wasn’t just my hundred, as it definitely felt like theirs as well! I think the sacrifices they’ve made for me all came out in that hundred. Family support is the main reason I got my baggy blue for New South Wales, so I owe it all to them.


“I know where my cricket can go… as long as you know truthfully the type of player you are then you’ll be sweet.”


SM: Following your century there have been calls for you to be fast-tracked into the Australian test team, while your technique and composure has been likened to that of Ricky Ponting. How does that make you feel?

JS: It’s nice to have these comparisons, but I believe that it can go a few ways. Sometimes you can take these compliments and feel as if everything is going to be handed on a plate for you. I also think sometimes it can create an ego within yourself, or an added amount of pressure to try and match the player that you’ve been compared to. For me, I like these comparisons as they are massive compliments, but I have got to understand that I’m my own player, and that if I for one second get an ego because of the comparisons made then my cricket will fast track downwards.


SM: What do you do to mentally ‘get away’ and avoid the scrutiny that comes from media reviews such as that of you to be put in the test team?

JS: I generally just laugh it off! I find it funny sometimes and other times it can be a bit of a distraction – although I don’t ever get bugged by it. It’s people’s opinions and of course they’re entitled to say what they think. For me, I know where my cricket can go, and where I can see myself in the next couple of months as a player – that’s the only goal I’m striving towards. As long as you know truthfully the type of player you are then you’ll be sweet. That’s an honest conversation you have got to have with yourself – personally, I know that I must be successful in Sheffield Shield cricket to put my hand up for selection.


SM: What are your goals for this summer of cricket?

JS: My main goals are to win the Sheffield Shield title for New South Wales and the BBL for the Sydney Thunder. If I can do my job for the team in whatever position that I’m required to do as many times as I can, then for me that’s a successful summer alongside the team accolades. Whether that role is to come on and get wicket, or to go out and make sure I’m still not out overnight, I’ll always judge my goals on if I can repeatedly do things for the team.


SM: In games like the Sheffield Shield tie against Queensland (where Australian Test players returned to play for their state), do you still pinch yourself when you realise that you are playing on the same field as Test players such as Mitchell Starc and Nathan Lyon?

JS: It’s amazing! You grow up watching these guys and to look to your left and see them all in the changeroom is surreal. You learn so much off them and it’s a good taste to see how they go about getting the opposition batsmen out.


SM: Lastly, what are the Australian bowlers (Starc, Lyon, Pat Cummins and Josh Hazlewood) like around the New South Wales squad and changeroom?

JS: They are all awesome. They have no egos and always love to play for and represent New South Wales. It’s fantastic to see them around they always give their time to everyone. I love seeing them around, but I also love to play alongside them as it makes the hard work done in the nets worthwhile!



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  1. Sean I love Jason’s response re comparisons destined to go a long way in the game seems to have a great attitude thank you

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