Almanac Cricket – If It’s Good Enough For Watto…

MV Younger
Doomlands Avenue, Lower Brunswick


To; James Sutherland, Steve Smith, Brendan Bolton & Ange Postecoglou


I would like to take this opportunity to advise you of my intention to retire from the Australian Test Cricket team. While I still love the game and will continue to play at lower levels to support grassroots cricket, I feel I can not give my total commitment and that without this, know that I can’t perform at the highest level.

Furthermore, I would like also to end my playing career with the Carlton Football Club. After the year we have had, I feel like I need to provide the best opportunity for the next generation of Carlton players.

While I’m at it, despite having never played a competitive game of soccer in my life I feel that it is necessary to also remove myself from selection to the Socceroos during the ongoing qualification process for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

I would like to formally thank my family and friends during this time of normal activity.

I would have known however, my continued willingness to be selected in the Davis Cup squad for the semi-finals against Great Britain. I don’t have lines shaved into my head, or an overbearing crazy as batshit father but I can toss a racquet and swear at random people just trying to do their job. And I really don’t like Andy Murray.


Yours sincerely,

MV Younger.


  1. Peter Flynn says:

    Watch this space with Watto.

    He may review his decision.

  2. Peter that is hilarious…
    And MV, I’ve just thought about all those jobs I’ll never have that I can resign from…

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