Almanac Cricket: an Enigmatic Eleven – a team of puzzles trying to find a common solution

What do you do when a heavy downpour hits the Gabba and you know that it will be a couple of hours before play resumes? Pick a funny team, of course! As we drove down from Redcliffe, we had talked about players past and present who fall into a category which we might label as ‘enigmas’. These are the players/characters who seemed to be a riddle or a puzzle in search of a solution. You never felt like you understood them or could work out what made them tick – then or now.


We discovered that there were lots to choose from, not least of all a pair of brothers currently playing in the Second Test! For this exercise, we chose to stick to past players. Here’s our team, in batting order:


  1. Wayne Phillips
  2. Matthew Elliott
  3. Dean Jones
  4. Damien Martyn
  5. Nic Maddinson
  6. Glenn Maxwell
  7. Tim Zoehrer
  8. Greg Matthews
  9. Brendon Julian
  10. Chris Matthews
  11. Brad Williams



What other names would you throw in?



Ian Hauser is a freelance editor and helps out at the Almanac on a casual basis. He’s come across his share of enigmatic writers. He likes to help them be themselves but also be accessible to their target audience. You can check out his services here.


About Ian Hauser

A relaxed, Noosa-based retiree with a (very) modest sporting CV. A loyal Queenslander, especially when it comes to cricket and rugby league. Enjoys travel, coffee and cake, reading, and has been known to appreciate a glass or three of wine. One of Footy Almanac's online editors who enjoys the occasional editing opportunity to assist aspiring writers.


  1. Shane John Backx says


  2. John Watkins, Ken Eastwood

  3. Where does Bob Massie fit in ?

    16 wickets on debut, bowled well in his next test @ Trent Bridge. Then faded away.


  4. Michael di Venuto. Seem to recall he was rated as good a prospect as R Ponting when they were both up and comers

  5. Ian, you would almost have to throw J.R. Thomson into this team.

  6. Mark Cosgrove could play int he one-day series.

  7. Martyn one of modern cricket’s elegant bats. After the euphoria of the 2006 Adelaide Test triumph against England his sudden retirement was certainly enigmatic but possibly also referenced some personal mental health issues.

    Ian- which Wayne Phillips are you including? The SA or Vic version?

  8. As you can see, lots to choose from.

    Mickey, we probably had the SA version in mind but, on reflection, take your pick!

  9. Given the brevity of his Test career, the Vic version probably enjoys increased enigma. Although Flippa deserves scrutiny.

    Dav Whatmore?

  10. Jim Higgs was a tad eccentric

  11. Greg Matthews should be Captain.

  12. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Dirk Welham
    Rodney Hogg

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