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This is a tribute to Luke Reynolds who this week plays his 400th game senior game for Pomborneit CC.  Luke is the only writer I do know here at the Almanac personally and although I believe he is hugely popular amongst the writers on here I believe I maybe the only writer on here who has played cricket with him at Pomborneit. Luke becomes the fourth player at the club to play 400 games after Brian Boyd (my father), Ian Boyd (Brian’s brother) and James Boyd (a cousin).


I first met Luke in 1985 at Weerite Primary School, I was Grade 6 and Luke Grade Prep. The school only had about 20 children and from Day 1 in the playground, Luke was a cricket nut, batting like Dean Jones and bowling like Jim Higgs. I will never forgot a devastated Luke arriving to school one day in April saying he could not believe the NSW mafia had selected Dirk Wellham for the Ashes tour and not Dean Jones.


Luke has always been that cricket nut and in a profile piece in 1988 for the school, Luke aged eight said his favourite subject was Cricket, his nickname was Sir Luke, the place he would like to visit was England and his ambition was to be an Astronomer. In a 1994 Melbourne Country Week Player profile Luke listed his ambition was to play Test Cricket, Favourite International Batsman was Ken Rutherford (among others) and Chris Pringle as Favourite International Bowler and Favourite Drink Milo and Coke (maybe they were separate).


The Pomborneit Cricket Club is a proud and very successful club winning 26 Senior Premierships and seven Junior. The club has always being very well run off the field as well with my Dad Brian involved as well as Luke’s step dad Max Castle amongst others building the current pavilion as well as being involved in the maintenance and administration side of the club, ground and also the cricket association. This continues today with Luke and the current committee and players taking to a much higher level of which Luke is a pivotal piece amongst many at the club.


Luke started off in the juniors in the early 1990s and made his senior debut 1993/94.


Luke stats read:


399 Games

Over 6600 runs

Highest Score: 134no

3 centuries

30 Fifties

112+ catches

235+ wickets

5 wickets in an innings: 4

One Hat-Trick

Pomborneit CC Life Member

Club Captain

2018-2019 & 2020-2021 Division One Premiership Player


Luke has also represented the Timboon/Stoneyford Association at Melbourne Country Week in 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1997. I was with him each time, though first two times as a player the last two I was scorer while Luke played. 1994 was special as we were short of players so the majority of the squad were from Pomborneit with three Father-Son Combinations. I was there with my Dad and brother which was special and Luke was there with Max his stepdad and Steven his stepbrother. My memory of Country Week includes playing Cricket all day and then going to Bat & Ball near our accommodation in Dudley Street to practice at night. Highlight I imagine for Luke would be a 100 run partnership with his stepbrother in 1995 and playing a match at Kardinia Park which is now being used for an international match.



Luke, Max and Steve (photo from my Dad)



Luke is a patient batsman but can accelerate as an opening batsman especially through the leg side and has always been a good fielder. It’s as a bowler that Luke gained attention firstly as a right arm offie, he dabbled as a right arm medium pacer before going back to off spin. Luke has also tried left arm medium pace at training where he was able to still hit the stumps of some of the batsman. Luke was also the club wicketkeeper in a junior Grand Final one year.



Luke bowling [Source: PCC website]



Luke has been able to play senior cricket with his son Gavin and it won’t be long before he is playing seniors with Josh. Luke as mentioned earlier has played with his step dad Max Castle and step brother Steve Castle and has also played junior cricket with his sister Kelly Reynolds. Luke’s lovely wife Debbie also plays for the Pomborneit women’s team and daughter Emily plays in the Woolworths blasters. The rumour is Debbie only joined the women’s team so she can see Luke at least once a week on gameday. Luke is a great family man and has such a great family which they do a lot of activities together, his holidays lately seem to be devoted to taking the children to junior country week cricket in January. I also think on Luke and Debbie’s honeymoon to Tasmania the highlight was seeing Bellerive Oval.



Reynolds Family after Luke won a premiership

[Courtesy of Debbie Reynolds]



Luke has been on the cricket club committee since 1996 or 1997 with all bar two of those years being secretary, the other two years he served as president. When Luke started, the club had three senior teams and two junior teams and was the envy of a lot of clubs in the district for how it was run off the field when basically just a dot on the map. Since then the club has gained in strength as a true family club with success on and off the field. The club now has three senior men’s team, two U16 juniors teams, two U13, two senior women’s teams and two U16 girls teams and the Woolworths Blasters. This helps show just how well the club is run, alongside plenty of members, sponsors and a beautiful cricket ground.



Luke’s roles at the club have been secretary, president, social club, sponsorship, social media, manager of junior teams, bar staff, scorer, monthly updates on the club on the Almanac, supplying the club with the beer he brews, historian, MC at functions and also singer & entertainer! Pomborneit is lucky that there are plenty of people willing to do roles within the club and assist Luke as Luke is happy to assist them.  Luke is likely to be longest serving secretary at the club and one of the longest serving administrators at the club. Unsure where he finds the time as he seems to fit 36 hours into a 24 hour day. Luke along with David & Steven Murphy are also researching the history of the club and have added to club legend Ken O’Neill’s ‘Hundreds and Hat Tricks’ book that was done in the 1980s, by finding more scorecards, history and articles through old newspapers online which were not available to Ken, to the point they may have around 80% of games played on record.


I know Luke has several years of cricket left in him and has several ambitions yet to achieve


  • To play in and win a flag with Gavin and Josh
  • To play in the same side and win a flag with Debbie, Gavin, Josh and Emily
  • To see Debbie & Emily get a hat trick like Luke, Gavin and Josh have done
  • To play in the same side as his grandkids
  • To see Pomborneit Cricket Club hold a first class match.


Luke is a great friend to me and encouraged me to write on the Almanac site. He is great friend to everybody he meets especially through cricket. He is well loved and respected by his teammates and respected as a player and person by his opponents.


On the field Luke has a great demeanour, is rarely angry or swears, always encourages his teammates and is always busting a gut trying his best and he is such a proud person. Off the field Luke has a great work ethic, is always prepared to promote the cricket club and will always go out of his way to meet and talk to people of all generations and is very level headed person.


Unfortunately I cannot see his 400th but hope to see him make the team for the finals for his 401st and 402nd games. I hope you have a great day Luke and you get a win and make some runs and take some wickets.


There is plenty more to come.







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  1. Kevin Densley says

    Thanks for the article, Rodney – so much interesting info about Luke’s vital role in the Pomborneit Cricket Club.

    And, of course, congratulations, Luke – what a fine achievement!

  2. Thank you Rod- you’re right we see more of Luke at the club than at home but we wouldn’t have it any other way!!

  3. Gillian Coote says

    Rod that is an amazing tribute to Luke. Thank you for writing it and describing Luke perfectly a great hubby and father and a solutely great team man junior coach and organiser and club man Pombo is very lucky. Go Bulls!

  4. Not too sure on the family photo with yellow shoes… ??? all the best Luke! If you get a ton or a hat trick I might let you drive the red machine!!! ?

  5. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Congratulations Luke, you’re a ripper (does anyone still call you Crackers and where did you get that name from?) and well played Rodney.

  6. Lizzie Fryers says

    Luke you are one great sportsperson all the work you do for your club Congratulations on your 400 so proud for all your writing on Almanic have a great day

  7. That’s a glowing and affectionate tribute Rodney. Thanks for taking us through Luke’s career. Milo and coke! Hoping for a win Saturday!

  8. Rulebook says

    Luke is a incredible bloke for someone who has also been around the cricket traps never known a person to do so much for a club – good luck tomorrow mate and over the next fortnight – appreciate your help big time !
    Go the Reynolds CC

  9. E.regnans says

    Oh that’s a beauty, Rodney. Thanks very much for bringing us in.
    Most of that is new to me. None of it is surprising.

    Congratulations Luke.
    Long may you see off the shine and later make hay.
    Long may you dip and drift, spin and confound.
    And I’m surely not alone in looking forward to the day you crack out your full trivia/ singer/ glam rock act and light up the North Fitzroy Arms. Well played.

  10. craig dodson says

    A fantastic tribute Rodney and congratulations Luke on a remarkable achievement. Many fond memories of my guest stint at PCC and sharing the field with Luke..

  11. Mark Poustie says

    I love a good cricket tribute Rodney. Well done on your celebration of Luke’s career (to date). Luke congratulations on your 400th .Even more importantly in this age of disappearing volunteerism, fantastic effort for your club off-field.

  12. Bravo, Rodney. A wonderful tribute to a great man.

    Congrats, Crackers. And best of luck in your 400th match.
    Truly this is a mighty performance.
    And enjoy what little time you have left of being taller than your kids!!

  13. Rodney apologies a fantastic tribute also

  14. Darryl Harty says

    Rodney what a fabulous tribute to a lovely fellow husband family man and of course cricketer. Congratulations Luke you epitomise all the values one looks for in a friend fellow sportsman and of course proud Australian. I was privileged and fortunate as the teacher to have Luke as a student back at that “little” school in 1987 and 88. Well done again Rod putting together the words in a special tribute to a special young man.

  15. Congrats Luke a great achievement. Club people like this are worth their weight in gold.

    Look forward to a radio interview soon.

  16. Jarrod_L says

    Thanks for the ripper tribute to a legend, Rodney.

    Go well in number 400 Luke, I know you’ll give all your future goals one hell of a crack too. Proud to call you a mate.

  17. Fantastic tribute Rodney. Well played Luke. A great all rounder – on and off the cricket field.
    Love the little places (crossroads more than towns) in rural Australia that always field great cricket and tennis clubs – made up of only a few families. Remember quite a few from my SA childhood. Punched way above their weight on the field; but blink and you’d miss it on a drive.
    Rodney – is Luke also Chairman of Selectors? Wouldn’t like to be the bloke that’s got to tell him he’s being dropped to the Two’s for one of his kids (or grandkids)!

  18. Matt Zurbo says

    What a CORKER read… and bout a CORKER bloke!!! So good!!!!

  19. There’s also an article on page 69 of today’s Warrnambool Standard about Luke

  20. Colin Ritchie says

    Congratulations Luke! A wonderful achievement for a wonderful bloke.

  21. Thanks everyone for the kind words.

    The great man had a win so and a great day. Thanks Mrs R for all your help and John and Jarrod for the edit.

  22. Peter Fuller says

    I’ve come to this very late, but thank you and congratulate you for an excellent tribute to Luke; it’s a wonderful account of a superb career – testimony to Luke’s commitment, consistency and loyalty, that all too rare commodity in contemporary society.
    Congratulations Luke on a remarkable achievement, I’m delighted to consider you a mate.

  23. Neil Anderson says

    Well done Luke. We read all about your achievements in the Warrnambool Standard and your former teacher Mrs Anderson (a.k.a Sharyn ) was very impressed with her star pupil. I think it was a compliment, but she said you still looked the same.
    I have recently re-joined the Almanac and will look forward to your writings in 2022.

  24. Daryl Schramm says

    Well done Luke. A fantastic achievement. A lovely tribute Rodney, and the Standard article link was useful as well. Would someone please phonetically describe the pronunciation of Pomborneit.

  25. Stone Cold Steve Baker says

    What an amazing achievement, and what a great piece of writing! Congrats all around.

  26. Thanks Peter, Neil, Daryl & Stone Cold

    Pom ber neat is how it is pronounced Daryl

    I think the captain of each Division 1 is the selector Peter B, Luke would verify it.

  27. Luke Reynolds says

    Very humbled by your words Rodney, especially the words that are true!!! You’ve been a wonderful mate from ever since I remember (yes from grade prep for me), your friendship is highly valued, and so thrilled to have you now writing for the Almanac.

    Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments. To answer just a few:
    Fig Jam- it’s just a yellow trim on white spikes. But all yellow would still beat those black shoes you wear! I’ll drive that red machine one day…
    Swish- only get called Crackers from a select few these days. I’ll fill you in at an Almanac lunch.
    Craig- batting with you at the Pomborneit Rec Reserve was a massive highlight. Alongside Rodney you’re the only Almanacker I’ve played alongside. So far…
    Smokie- Gavin is now a couple of inches taller than me. Those days are gone!

    Extremely proud to have reached the 400 game milestone for the club I love. I hope there’s plenty of games left in me. I’ll play forever if I can. #gopombobulls

  28. Anytime Luke
    Your an absolute gem of a bloke and an all time great for the Pombo Cricket Club

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