Almanac Community: Help raise some cash for scosa (and win some Jay Schulz iconography)

Port Adelaide FC supporter group The Alberton Crowd made their signature chant, ‘Schulzy Army’, after fan favourite Jay Schulz, into a scarf design in 2015.


Immensely popular, one scarf remained by the end of the 2016 season. Schulz’s signature on the scarf was secured and the decision was made to seek donations for it in a quasi-raffle. All donations are going toward scosa, a South Australian organisation where Schulz was ambassador for many years while at Port. scosa provides services and assistance to people with disabilities. The money raised from the scarf – with a target of $1028 – will help to find the ‘ability’ in ‘disability’ for every dollar raised.

To go into the draw you can donate whatever you want ($10-20 recommended) at The donation page also has a few more details on how your donations will help.”

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