Almanac (Bush) Cricket – NACA Grand Final: Pekina-Carrieton v Spalding-Booborowie

Pic: Peter Argent



This is quintessential country cricket at the Pekina Oval  (being at the event it gave me a great sense of community and how important sport is in it).

It’s just south of the Goyder Line

This shot is looking back to a range called the “Hogs Head”.


  1. James Lang says

    Great photo there Pete. It’s certainly one of the last unique cricket grounds left in regional South Australia. Many moons ago it was also home to the Pekina Football Club. Considering the location of the ground nestled deep in the Flinders Ranges, maybe the altitude is why the locals are so hard to beat on their home deck! We didn’t have a productive visit there last month as the opposing team, although nothing a quick trip to the Pekina pub couldn’t fix.

    My late grandfather knocked up a few centuries opening the batting for Pekina back in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s before relocating to Spalding and swapping cricket whites for bowls whites. It’s a pity that batting form didn’t pass down to his grandson!

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