Almanac Boxing: Barry Michael Fight Night 26th February 2016

Zac Dunn

Zac Dunn

Zac Dunn   vs      Rogerio Damasco (Super Middleweight)

It started and then it ended.

Beamed around the world via live stream and with the support of Channel 31 in Melbourne, our TV sets had only just warmed up when new star of Australian boxing put a full stop on the night with a ripping right hand.

With Dunn’s only real punch of the evening, Brazilian Rogerio Damasco was knocked unconscious. That’s it, that’s all she wrote.

In one minute and 16 seconds, Zac Dunn underlined his potential, in a performance that can only be described as devastating and puts him firmly on the world boxing map, if he wasn’t already there.

With a solid 19 KOs in his 22 wins, Damasco entered the ring full of confidence riding on a four fight winning streak.

In simple terms the 25 year old Dunn was too tough, too prepared and had too much to lose.

Like most of his fights, Dunn stepped into the ring with a steely look in his eyes and one couldn’t help but wonder what was in store for his 32 year old opponent. It certainly didn’t take us long to find out.

Almost without working up a sweat, the new WBC International Super Middleweight Champion, heads back to the gym to plot his way to a world title.

With a potential fight against Badou Jack, the WBC world champion, or even an opportunity to chase the WBA title, Dunns 2016 mission must surely be to position himself for a shot at the big time.

After a disputed decision win against American Derick Findley in New York towards the end of 2015, Dunn proved to the boxing world that he is the real deal.

Findley criticised Dunns defence in that fight, even going so far to say that he should have been given the win over the Australian. Perhaps a case of sour grapes from Findley but it doesn’t really matter as Dunn continues to impress against quality opponents.

With the support of a host of sponsors like Simmonds Homes, Lotus Caravans, The Woodlands Hotel, Victoria Digital Solutions and Crownbet, there is a growing groundswell of support for the clean cut Melbourne fighter, as he looks to become one of the country’s greatest.

Australia has produced some world class fighters over the years. Les Darcy, Jeff Fenech, Lionel Rose and Johnny Famechon are but a few and now we have a new superstar of Aussie boxing on the scene and his name is Zac Dunn.


 Bilal Akkawy      vs      Istvan Zeller       (Super Middleweight)

Bilal Akkawy, the undefeated power puncher from Sydney went to work from the first bell attacking the soft body of the Hungarian visitor, Istvan Zellar.

The 22 year old Aussie seemed to hit too hard for his experienced opponent and in the second round Zellar was put down for the first of three times in the fight.

With a record of 30 wins and only nine defeats, the 26 year old European got on his bike in rounds three, four and five and tried to keep a safe distance away from the charging Akkaway.

A rising star of Australian boxing, Akkaway was almost frustrated and didn’t seem to have any answers to the footwork of Zellar who was trying to put on a Sam Soliman type display of boxing, without the class of Sam.

In round Six the befuddled Akkaway hit Zellar with his best punch of the fight putting him on the canvas for the second time.

Realising he was clearly out of his depth with power, and looking to survive for the remainder of the bout , Zellars offense was left to an odd soft jab and a random right hand, which was never going to be enough to stop the rampaging Akkaway.

With hands held low for the last three rounds, the Sydneysider almost taunted the Hungarian, and over the distance had taken total control of the fight, winning a clear cut points decision by scores of 100\86, 99\87 and 100\86

In what was his first 10 round bout, it was terrific experience for an Australian fighter on the rise.

Omari Kimweri

Omari Kimweri

Omari Kimweri       vs        Michael Camellion (Flyweight)

In a contrast to the heavier fighters on the night, the flyweights were fast and furious and went at each other from the first bell.

For Melbourne fights fans, it was pleasing to see the Tanzanian turned Aussie, Omari Kimweri, return to the ring after a break from the sport.

Camellion, a boxer from the Philippines, certainly wasn’t in Australia for a holiday and for three rounds he gave as good as he got in a superbly matched fight.

With both fighters openly trading punches, it was a technical display of boxing, speed and lighting reflexes appreciated by the large crowd in attendance.

In a see-sawing battle, round four looked to be where Kimweri stamped his authority on the bout, until he walked into a big right hand from the Philippine gloveman halting his momentum.

After surviving the round, the fighter known as ‘Lion Boy’ went back to work and seemed to dominate down the stretch, as Camellion started to tire.

With a career record of seven wins and only two losses, and riding a three fight win streak, the Philippine fighter showed signs of wear and tear as Kimweri increased the tempo.

Moving onto 15 wins and only three losses, the second half of the fight belonged to Omar Kimweri as he won a unanimous decision by scores of 99\91, 98\92 and 98\92.


 Mitchell “Big Country” Clarke vs  Peter Orlik   (Super Middleweight)

Southpaw Clarke came up against the experienced Hungarian fighter Peter Orlik. With an unorthodox, almost leaning back type of fighting style, Orlik struggled with the aggressive Clarke.

Coming into the fight with a record of 16 wins and 14 losses, Orlick didn’t put up much of an offense other than a random looping right hand.

As the rounds advanced, so did Clarke’s confidence and with no fear of being hurt, he teed off and worked both the head and the body of his Hungarian opponent.

With a record that advances to nine wins and only one defeat, Clarke simply had too much firepower, forcing Orlicks corner to throw in the towel and call a halt to the fight in the fifth round.

Ranked inside the top 15 Super Middleweights in the country, and with improving maturity and skills, Mitchell Clarke must surely be now looking to break into the top 10 fighters nationally and a potential Australian title.


Jayde Mitchell vs Darran Allison    (Super Middleweight)

With an all action first round, both fighters opened up throwing lefts and rights but it was the crisp punching of Mitchell that not only took the first round but dominated the fight.

After losing a close decision to Ryan Breeze just before Xmas, the Mornington Peninsula based Mitchell came out steaming and dropped Allison to the canvas. After a continued barrage of punches the Western Australian’s corner threw in the towel.

Other than the blip before Xmas, with good lateral movement and heavy hands it wouldn’t surprise me to see Mitchell climb the Australian rankings quickly.


Shaun “Too deadly” Thomas vs Sam Rogers (Super Featherweight)

Lilydale’s Sam Rogers danced into the ring full of confidence but unfortunately his opponent Shaun Thomas was too sharp on this occasion and put Rogers down four times during the fight, forcing the referee to call a halt to the bout.

Spending most of his time sitting tightly behind a hands held high defence, and with his jab tattooed to Rogers face, Thomas was simply too good and looks due for higher honours.

There is no doubt Sam Rogers showed a measure of toughness but on this night the 34 year old Shaun “To deadly Thomas”, was simply too deadly.


Matt Smith vs Brent Moore (Middleweight)

With no feeling out period the bout began with both fighters looking to finish it early. Queenslander Brent Moore almost did with a big right hand which put Smith on the canvas in the first round.

A rangy type of fighter, Moore came out in round two and hit Smith with a stunning left hook and the referee was forced to call a halt to proceedings with the Greensborough fighter dazed and hurt.

In only his second professional fight, Brent Moore looks to have power in both hands and the luxury of a terrific wingspan and if he can improve his jab, he will cause problems for any fighter that steps into the ring to face him.

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  1. Great wrap David. Is Aussie boxing going through some kind of renaissance? Seems to be a lot of talent around.

  2. Hi Dips,
    I think it is “resurfacing” after a break, so to speak.
    Zac Dunn is a great young bloke. Lucas Browne fights for a heavyweight title next month and we have a few other young guys coming through.
    As much as I appreciate what the likes of Danny Green and Anthony Mundine have done for boxing, the sport needs freshness. Boxers have a tendency to get old very quickly, probably more so than any other sport. Some fighters get old in the middle of a fight!
    Its an exciting time, much like it was when the likes of Jeff Fenech, Lester Ellis and Barry Micheal were throwing leather.

  3. Nice write up and coverage David. Keep up the good work mate.

  4. Thanks Dan.
    I am trying to give the undercard fighters a little bit as well. Tough gig at the best of times for them.
    I appreciate the comment.

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