Almanac Book Review – Prince: Purple Reign

Prince: Purple Reign

Mick Wall




Prince passed away earlier this year in April, and this new biography from one of the world’s best music writers Mick Wall has turned up exceptionally quickly to mark that passing, but as with most things that Wall writes it’s a terrific, well-researched and informative guide to Prince, his music, his career and his legacy.


Wall was one of the first music writers in the world to fully embrace the genius of Prince in the early 1980’s and championed his cause for the rest of his career. Lucky Melbourne residents were blessed to get the final chance to see Prince in action in an intimate setting not long before his death and were treated to songs that defined his career; Purple Rain, Raspberry Beret, and When Doves Cry were anthems and will continue to resonate for future generations.


Prince was more than a talented singer and writer – he played most instruments, and was a particularly special guitarist. He sold over 100 million albums, won Grammy awards and an Oscar. He was a pioneer in music and used his voice as an extension of his playing ability. And he was never afraid to shock or change musical directions. His fans accepted that and travelled the musical road with him every step of the way.


Wall is rock’s go-to guy for entertaining, well thought out music writing. He proved that last year with the excellent biography of the Foo Fighters. In Prince: Purple Reign Wall writes with passion and authority on a topic and a man close to his heart. And we thank him.




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