Almanac Basketball – WNBL Final 2019: Adelaide Lightning v Canberra Capitals

With seconds to go in the match, Peter Argent watched Adelaide Lightning snatch victory from Canberra Capitals in one of the most thrilling games of basketball he has seen.


For the ABC report of the match click on the following link.


Check out the fabulous photos  taken by Peter Argent highlighting the exciting action from the game.




All photographs by Peter Argent



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  1. Great photos Peter. I was watching at home (barracking for Adelaide because the Boomers didn’t make it) and found myself yelling at the TV in excitement. What a lesson in never giving up. (And how did Coffey miss all those easy shots in the last quarter?)

    Let’s hope Adelaide have a long future in the WNBL (and a Boomers flag next year).

  2. Thanks Gill

    ……And Mitchell missed a lay up as well???? (in the third

  3. Great pics Peter.

    I watched the last part of this game. To say that the refs missed some blatant calls would be a massive understatement.

  4. Massive Understatement Smokie !

  5. Great stuff Peter,and wonder who yelled out to you and getting the crowd to wish you a happy birthday at the footy last night

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