Almanac Art: Waiting for play to start at the MCG

by Kate Birrell


Waiting, waiting, waiting.



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  1. Just shows you it s impossible to complete a cricket work of art. Sorry I missed you KB>

  2. Wish you could have kept it raining for another couple of sessions,Kate excellent art as always thank you

  3. Yes bob , did Boxing Day and day 5 this year, hugo at 13yrs did all five days and had a ball… first sort of foray into going along with friends which involved much of his own organising of who would go with him on what day… I was rapt for him, stuck it out every day, chasing shade and being entertained by those sitting around them.

    Rule book ,, I think it was 145 minutes waiting for barely 25 minutes play. Strangely it was quite relaxing watching the activity on the ground . Companions in H and nephew in a hurry too to watch ufc so timing was perfect.

  4. Yvette Wroby says

    Great as always Kate

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