Almanac Art : Sunday Morning


Sunday Morning (painting by Kate Birrell)

Sunday Morning (painting by Kate Birrell)



before the game

at noon

breakfast at chaddy.

odd jobs


other things,



one croissant

get’cha head in the game

go Nic, go.


  1. Hi Kate,

    I thought that the lady worked in the morning for Myer and then had lunch at a cafe before going to a footy game. Is she a St Kilda supporter?

    Your painting seems to be reflected on me feeling sentimentally watching footy at Docklands or the ‘G.

    As always, you have good talents in painting, Kate :)



  2. Kate Birrell says

    ha funny Yoshi…you think only in Red Black and white.

    And no, that lady is not emplyed by that store (nor am I, a free plug I guess). She is my daughter and she’s in a basketball team named??? you guessed it, The Saints.

  3. Haha, Kate, I just read Saints in the guernsey. Even white and black are missing, I assume that it was St Kilda one. I didn’t think about basketball at all…


  4. Contemplation. Less is more. A moment. To ponder.

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