Almanac Art and Poetry: My City

Saturday morning,
a bird tweets
a whistling tune across the silent street

In this empty city
it's people

that usually stream
in from the suburbs
down the line

and pulsate
along platforms
and down steps

- and populate along the riverbank
where the muddy sediment 
rises, stirs and surges 

towards the football ground,
on this September

with a beating heart, of course
and a flourishing banter 
amongst the tides of angst, 
fervour, hope...

Colour and song
- it should have awashed
the fevered

Saturday morning
a bird tweets a whistling echo across the silent street
in my city missing its people,


  1. Really well captured, Kate.

  2. Hayden kelly says

    Yep ,that says it all . Thanks Kate

  3. Thank you

  4. Lovely stuff Kate.


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