All quiet on the touchline techonology front….

Hush-toned Euro 2012 coverage

QTR Final 1

Czech Republic 0 – 1 Portugal

Before we get to the yawn fest from this morning. I wanted to offer some thoughts on the digital cloud hanging over the group stages.

I’ve been waiting for vociferous English support of the Ukraine’s stricken goal. Long before their game the morning before last, they’ve been instrumental in pouring nitroglycerin on the debate around the technology that would’ve saved their World Cup. Blatter, of course, is mad for it. Positively rubbing his hands with the prospect of another intravenous injection into his cash flow. England (Double Boo!) who were so hard done by in a game they were never going to win against a team they were never going to beat, have been conspicuous in their eh, less than thunderous response (the EPL whispered their support, but not loud enough for anyone to hear) when it worked in their favour. I seek social justice or at least for people to learn a very simple lesson that has stood generations in good stead for hundred of years before now – you win some, you lose some. The ball is round. Blokhin, God love him, is only doing what Capello and Lampard and Terry (a man who knows about crossing lines) and the English FA (with their overblown sense of entitlement) did two years ago.

Away from the soapbox, like a mercenary striker, I switched allegiance to SBS (they’re showing the game on Sunday too). Despite the familiar and staggeringly bright faces in the studio, this was a relatively dull affair. Portugal dominated. Match commentators complained about getting cricks in their necks from watching over the Czech Republic’s half. Ronaldo shone of course, but not enough to warrant the onanistic verbiage from the studio team. Seriously guys. Les wouldn’t allow this would he? Yes the lad with the lustrous hair scored a cracker and completely bossed the game, but the Australian pundits were even worse than broken-faced McAllister’s monotonal self-caress.

On paper tonight’s game is just as predictable. There should be more goals too. Like many others, I would tip the vorsprung durch technik to triumph, but the ball is round.

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