AKA: The Blue and White Easybeats

Well, I’ve just survived another birthday as I head into my twilight years. As blokes get old the body changes. No matter how much time I spend in the gym, no matter how much raw and organic food I eat, I carry more weight than I should. May alcohol be a factor there? Also, in the follicle stakes, I’m not the hirsute chap I was last century, and it is due to the causal factor r.e. the latter I put fingers to keyboard.


I barracked for Geelong for 30 long years: 1969-1999. I saw greats like Doug Wade, Gary Ablett, Gary Hocking to name a few. I saw others who weren’t, to put to finer point on it, great. It is to these players who made me tear my hair out – or lose it due to the stress of seeing them on the ground in the blue and white hoops – I dedicate this side. Now I didn’t say these were the worst Geelong players I saw but…


I will qualify some of these names. Steve Carey and Alan Reid both played some good VFL games (for Essendon). Tim Darcy played some good games up forward early on, including kicking five at Windy Hill in 1982. However there was a period of him playing full back, where once a game he’d kick in straight to an opponent. A goal always resulted. I liked Darren Troy, though not as much as John Devine did. Troy was a muscly, determined player, but how he was picked as a centre man ahead of Paul Couch says something about by John Devine.


Anyway, here are the players who I blame for my hair loss:


B: C Nish, T Darcy, A Woodman

HB: S Carey, R Sarcevic, P Zychla

C: A Reid, D Troy, T Malakellis

HF: G Lindquist, A McGilivray, C Dowsett

F: I Lewtas, B Spinks, S Bamford

Foll: T Bourke, W Yates, G Wells

Inter: D Scale, T Spencer, R Sterrett, M Neeld

Emerg: R Bogunovich, S Hosking, D Denneman

Coach: J Devine




FA Write from the heart


  1. Some blasts from the past there, Glen.
    I agree, Devine intervention didn’t produce any miracles at the Cattery.
    However, I’m surprised with your phrase “I barracked for Geelong for 30 long years: 1969-1999”.
    I thought it might’ve read “I’ve barracked for Geelong since 1969”.

  2. G’day Fitzroy Pete.

    I stopped barracking for Geelong after 1999. A variety of factors but the game had changed too much for my liking.

    I saw no premierships, but saw some great players, with memories of some fantastic games. A long time ago now.


  3. I agree, footy has changed far too much, Glen.
    From my perspective, it was never the same after the 1996 season.
    While the game still has a lot of physicality, the players have to tow the line far too much on & off the field.
    And where are the characters?
    I think back to the late 1970s, early 1980s when the Melbourne Demons were an ordinary conveyance, but had the likes of Phil Carman, Brent Crosswell, Carl Ditterich, Mark Jackson and Peter Keenan running around.
    That said, I can’t separate cricket and footy and am glad they collectively occupy 12 months of the year.

  4. Hi Glen ..thanks for the memories…Col..

  5. No probs Col,thanks for the feedback.


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