AFLW Round 7 – GWS Giants v Brisbane Lions: And then it happened…

GWS v Brisbane

7.05pm Friday March 16

Blacktown International Sportspark, Sydney

Danielle Spicer



Tonight, I find myself in front of the TV, nervous about this Round 7 match. Luckily, I am too tired from work to get myself in a tizzy, but there is no denying the importance of this game to both teams.


Yes, Brisbane would still need a few results to go their way to make next week’s Grand Final, but lose this game, and it’s all over.


GWS have hit red hot form over the last few rounds, and have gone from a team that finished bottom of the ladder last year, to a team glittering with AFLW stars.


The first quarter starts and it’s all GWS.


Alicia Eva never seems to have a bad game and is everywhere. The ball hovers around the Giants forward 50, and they seem to be winning every contest. Within a few minutes the score is 7 to the lions zero.


And then it happened.


Sabrina Frederick Traub grabs the ball in the middle of a scrum and snaps it onto her boot for a miracle goal and I am out of my chair. I just bloody love her and the determination on her face is telling me she isn’t going to let us down. She’s here to win.


Two minutes later and she is lining up again from 40. The kick splits the sticks down the middle and I am giggling and clapping my hands like a toddler at a wiggles concert.


Ashmore clears the centre and the ball dribbles towards the boundary to the right of the goals. Bella Ayre suprises Eva by picking the ball up and handpasses to an open Wuetschner and BANG! Another one!


At this point there is a high pitch noise coming out of me and I am attempting a power-slide across my loungeroom floor.


I blink. When I open my eyes Sophie Conway is STREAMING towards goal. She has a bounce or two, burns off two defenders, and then kicks truly. Something incredible for the highlight reel.


THIS is the Brisbane I so desperately missed last week. Everything is clicking. I don’t want to get ahead of myself however as its still only half way through the first quarter and I have seen what these Giants can do.


I shouldn’t have worried.


The lions would finish the first quarter with a massive 6 goals.


Just before the first break McCarthy leaves the ground with what looks like a jarred finger, which leaves me wondering who is going to attach themselves to Frederick Traub during goal celebrations.


I shouldn’t have worried as McCarthy pops up early in the second to kick a trademark goal, turning up the speed to run directly into goal.


The smile on her face directly contrasts to the boos which ring out around the ground. The Giants fans are not happy. I check my social media and there are complaints about umpires. I can see how it is a little one sided, but at this point, I don’t care. I like what Im seeing.


Sophie Conway takes a pass from Frederick Traub, and Peppa Randall lays a brilliant tackle. Holding the ball every day of the week.


The Umpire calls push in the back.


The Giants crowd erupt. There is shouting and booing.


Sophie Conway claps in Randalls face. I shift uncomfortably in my seat. I don’t like that at all.


The game settles in the third quarter, but the damage has been done. The Lions are going to run away with this game.


4 more goals in the last quarter has the Lions running out 40 point winners, a much-needed percentage boost if this isn’t going to be the last game of the season.


The bigger picture is out of our hands though, we need a few results to swing our way to play next week.


Saturday see’s the Demons and the Bulldogs play off for a grand final spot. Heaven help us if they draw.


We also need the Magpies to knock off the Crows on Sunday, for an Adelaide win will see them overtake us on the ladder thanks to a handy 2 point draw they played against the Giants.


Erin Phillips from the Crows is unbelievable. It’s hard to imagine any side she is in losing a game. That being said, I didn’t expect Collingwood to beat the Lions last week either, and they are playing for wounded pride.


I’m excited to see how everything pans out over the rest of the weekend, but for now, I am going to watch the replay and be thrilled by just how good these mighty lions are.




GREATER WESTERN SYDNEY     1.1     1.3     3.5     3.6        (24)
BRISBANE                                           6.2     7.3     8.4     10.4     (64)  

Greater Western Sydney: Tully, Gum, Staunton
Brisbane: Frederick-Traub 4, Wuetschner 3, Conway, McCarthy, Webb

Greater Western Sydney: Eva, Farrugia, Bennetts, Dal Pos, Tully, Swanson
Brisbane: Frederick-Traub, Anderson, Bates, Zielke, Wuetschner, Lutkins

Greater Western Sydney: Nil
Brisbane: Nil

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Howorth, McGinness, Crosby

Official crowd: 2253 at Blacktown International Sportspark




  1. Yvette Wroby says

    The Lions were magnificent. I can feel your excitement all the way down in Melbourne. Are you coming for the GF??

  2. DanielleSpicer says

    I am actually a Melbourne based supporter, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world! Its exciting seeing all of the banter between the Brisbane based supporters though, sorting out their flights etc. They have just announced they are moving the time of the Grand Final to 12.35pm which will help them get to the mens season opener at Etihad afterwards.

  3. Yvette Wroby says

    Cool that helps me too!

  4. Adam Muyt says

    Thanks Danielle for this piece. Was really annoyed that this game wasn’t shown live in Tas. Your report helps make up for that.
    Wish I could be in Melbourne this weekend to cheer on the mighty Lioness’.
    At least the match will be on free to air in Hobart.
    Go Lions!

  5. I reckon Sabrina is going to have a huge say in who wins the grand final, Danielle.

  6. DanielleSpicer says

    I think you are absolutely correct Smokie. That being said however, I am not nervous one bit, judging by current form :)

  7. On the money, Smoke. It’s her year & hopefully the year the Lions make amends.

    How good was that 6-goal-quarter, Danielle? Was cool to see it happen last week, but just awe-inspiring when it’s your own team putting on the show!

  8. DanielleSpicer says

    It was absolutely incredible. I didn’t see it coming, but it was bliss to watch.
    Watching the results fall our way over the rest of the round was just fantastic. I was emotionally involved in three games, and its not often I am able to enjoy that much football at that intensity.
    Im already exhausted from excitement about the Grand Final, I wasn’t able to go last year!

  9. Same boat here; the only game I got to see live this week was the Collingwood v Adelaide clash, in which I did my solemn – if not slightly galling – duty by barracking for the mighty Magpies. A small price to pay for the end result though!

    Reckon it’s going to be a ripper of a game; I’m nervous, but a bag of five or 6 for Sabs would quickly calm those nerves!

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