AFLW Round 6 – Carlton v Melbourne: It’s all too beautiful!

Carlton v Melbourne

Ikon Park

March 11, 2018



Last season the AFLW made history. This season, we’re still making it – with an historical six goal quarter, the first of its kind for AFLW. And it was Melbourne wot done it!


The what now? Yes, Melbourne have become the first side in AFLW to kick six goals in one quarter. The same team who last week kicked four goals for the whole game.


It was hard to keep up; barely a minute after the game started, so did the scoring. No sooner had I tweeted an updated score than I looked up and they’d scored again! Everything was coming up Demons as Elise O’Dea and Teagan Cunningham went goal for goal, three each. Can we re-name Ikon Park as Itchycoo Park, because this is all too beautiful.


This new style of fast and furious (and accurate) play was utterly boggling and beautiful to see. The Blues barely got a touch of the ball as the Demons played keepings off. Owing to Melbourne’s habit of barely winning and then losing by a fair bit, their percentage was rubbish. They needed to win by 85 points tonight to secure top spot, and for the first quarter at least, it looked like they might even do it!


At the first break, Melbourne were 39 to Carlton’s lone point. A drubbing was on the cards, and the Carlton fans were getting pretty quiet.


Carlton must have taken a good hard look at themselves because at the start of term two, they came out fighting. Tayla Harris kicked a much-needed goal for the blues, followed soon after by teammate Darcy Vescio.


This is Melbourne’s game to lose – and I can’t relax for a moment. They have lost from strong positions before. (But that first quarter though. BEAUTIFUL!)


Things are slowing down. The game play gets really congested as Carlton keep Melbourne to one goal and two rushed points for the rest of the quarter. Melbourne are ceding control, and that 85-point margin they need has evaporated.


Third term . . . I have scrappy notes and fewer tweets. What’s going on? Everything is getting blocked up and nobody is scoring majors. One point for Carlton, three points for Melbourne. Even worse, Melissa Hickey is down with a knee. It looks painful. Not as painful as the scoreboard for Blues supporters though. The official crowd numbers are 6,300 and Melbourne are putting on a show for them.


It’s clear Carlton can’t spoil Melbourne’s party from here, but they can spoil the percentage if they kick a few goals. The final quarter sees both sides get one major each, with a few rushed points to spoil potential goals. The final margin is an impressive 35 points. It’s a huge boost to Melbourne’s pride and percentage and they’re now second on the ladder.


Karen Paxman and both Pearces, (Daisy and Lauren) proved essential for the Melbourne machine, getting the ball going in the right direction, delivering to teammates who set up scoring opportunities. But it was the double act of Cunningham and O’Dea who utterly demoralised Carlton in that incredible first quarter who were essential for Melbourne’s game tonight.


I am not popping any corks just yet. Next week we play league leaders Western Bulldogs at Whitten Oval on Saturday night. Melbourne are still in with a chance for the final . . . dare I hope?


Bonus comedy for the night, Richelle Cranston barging and dodging through Carlton players, zigging and zagging and taking a shot at goal. It was only a point, but it was great to watch.


Malarkey Medal points 3 O’Dea (Mel), 2 Cunningham (Mel) 1


CARLTON          0.1     2.1     2.2     3.4     (22)
MELBOURNE     6.3     7.5     7.8     8.9     (57)


Harris, Vescio, Gee
Melbourne: O’Dea 3, Cunningham 3, Hore 2 


Attard (hand)
Melbourne: Hickey (knee), Newman (groin)


Umpires: Simmonds, Guy, Johansen

Official crowd: 6,300 at Ikon Park





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  1. OOOH! I just noticed I didn’t give a ‘1 point’ Malarkey Medal to anyone.
    I’d better give it to Melissa Hickey (Melbourne) for her knee. Just heard on the radio today she’s out ‘for the rest of the season.’ Ie, the next game (and potentailly the final . . .)
    Get well soon Mel!

  2. Yvette Wroby says

    Great report Ebony. Reading it… it was just like I was there! Wait a minute..I was there! Felt the deflation around the ground as Mel went down. Enjoyed Melbourne winning with Almanacker’s and buddies and sister Denise. Can’t believe it’s up to last round and we don’t know contenders yet. What a weekend of footy is in store for us.

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