AFLW Round 5 – Western Bulldogs v Collingwood: Fine wine, Oscar nominations and another Bulldogs win


It’s 8pm on Sunday night and I’m watching the replay of the Doggies v Pies match played in Moe earlier today.


I’ve seen highlights on the news a few times, but am yet to see the full game.


“Oh, what’s the score?” My house mate Jonesy asks as she walks in the door after around three or four different functions she’s attended today.


“It’s a replay, the Doggies won”, I reply. “That’s not what I asked!” Jonesy yells.


Don’t you hate it when someone ruins it by mentioning the result of a game you haven’t seen?


Yeah, I’m that guy.


It doesn’t take long before Collingwood skipper Steph Chiocci gets reported in the first couple of minutes, carelessly collecting Bulldog Libby Birch high. Credit to Birch (Did I just say the most cliché line in sports; ‘credit to?’ Scrap that.) Good bloody effort (much better) by Birch to bounce back up, run off the field and come back not long after. She’s a tough nut that Birchy! The Birchmeister! Son of a Birch! Bircher Muesli… Ok I’ll stop.


It’s been a big week for Moana Hope. Not only is she one of the new faces of Myer, but she was also nominated for an Oscar as Best Supporting Actress for her performance in the second quarter.


When she went down after copping a high hit from Libby Birch, I truly believed she wouldn’t get back up. Thankfully she did and will be able to receive her Oscar should she win.


Collingwood’s Meg Hutchins is a like a fine wine and just keeps getting better with age. We actually played state together ten years ago. I am not a fine wine. I am more like a stubby of Carlton Draught that was good ten years ago (maybe) but is now warm, flat and out of date.


My favourite player, Emma Kearney, had her work cut out for her today, with well known AFLW tagger Brit Bonicci right on her tail at every contest. It even spilled over the boundary when Bonicci flung her over the boundary line and into Fox Sports reporters. Kearney wasn’t happy and let Bonicci know about!


My #FavPlayer was rewarded a free kick and a 50m penalty.


At half time the Dogs lead by two goals.


Half way through the third quarter, Jonesy asks if we can quickly check the scores of the South Africa v Australia test match. Simple enough you would think. We check the scores for a minute then go back to the AFLW match. Well, we try too but now the replay won’t load.


Eventually we watch the third quarter for a second time. Then it freezes again. We reload and re-watch the third quarter for a third time. Each time I keep yelling at the TV at the exact same moments I had previously. “Ball!” “Oh that’s gotta be a free kick!” I’m stuck in Ground Hog Day and I don’t even realise it is happening.


After watching four, third quarters (longest AFLW match EVER), we finally get up to the fourth quarter.


Collingwood’s Christina Bernadi has continued her stand out form and boots a goal late in the game, looking like the Pies could actually come back and win this! But another careless free kick in the centre of the ground means the Pies aren’t able to take a final shot at goal with less than two minutes remaining in the game.


The Doggies win the game by 8 points and now sit clear on top of the ladder by 4 points.

The Dogs take on GWS in Canberra next week and with another win, will most likely secure a spot in the Grand Final!


BULLDOGS: 3.4 4.6 6.7 7.7 49
COLLINGWOOD 1.0 3.0 4.2 6.5 41
BULLDOGS: Brooke Lochland 2, Bonnie Toogood, Aasta O’Connor, Ellie Blackburn, Nicole Callinan, Aisling Utri
COLLINGWOOD: Caitlyn Edwards 2, Chloe Molloy, Christina Bernadi, Ameila Barden, Meg Hutchins
Collingwood: Nil
Western Bulldogs: Nil
Reports: Chiocci (Collingwood) reported for high contact on Birch (Western Bulldogs) in the first quarter, Birch (Western Bulldogs reported for striking Hope (Collingwood) in the second quarter.


VOTES: 3 – Ellie Blackburn, 2 – Monique Conti, 1 – Caitlyn Edwards



Bobby Macumber was a contributor to The Women’s Footy Almanac 2017. Read more about the book HERE






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  1. Yvette Wroby says

    Totally with you with the technical glitches. Hate it when the system fails just when the good stuff is coming. Collingwood looked threatening and Britanny Bonnici, with her gentle soul and really tough footy tactics, is a force to be reckoned with these days. Glad the Doggies held on and keep their GF hopes alive. It makes for another interesting round next week.

    Thanks for your report Bobby

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