AFLW Round 5 – Fremantle v Western Bulldogs: Dockers kick on



Eyes on the ball from the crowd behind the goal as Kellie Gibson puts one through. All photos by Les Everett.


It’s was hot again at Fremantle Oval on Sunday for the AFLW game between Fremantle and the Western Bulldogs. It was windy but the breeze didn’t favour the northern end quite as much as in the previous home games for Fremantle. The music didn’t seem to be as loud this week… maybe I just found a lucky spot.



Ellie Blackburn


Fremantle’s two-goal lead at quarter time looked very valuable but the Bulldogs were good. Monique Conti (my favourite non-Docker) got lots of attention but was a strong ball winner and Ellie Blackburn also worked hard. Katie Brennan was used cleverly, played in all sorts of spots and often found lots of space… her kicking is superb.



A crunching tackle by the captain.


The Dockers have a nice mix of tackling pressure and speed and they were the factors that eventually wore down the spirited Bulldogs. Kiara Bowers is no stylist but she gets to contests, wins one-on-ones one so tiny really shouldn’t, tackles brutally and kicks effectively. Full back Philipa Seth played an amazing game mixing tight checking with an incredible willingness to run and provide options. Kellie Gibson kicked three goals in another standout game, Stephanie Cain’s speed was important and Sabreena Duffy capped things with two last-quarter goals including a kick off the ground from the boundary that had a touch of genius.



Sabreena Duffy


It’s off to Kardnia Park next week for Fremantle and Geelong… and I’m going to ignore a vow never to return to that place.


Fremantle 8.4 (52) Westen Bulldogs 5.4 (34)



Stephanie Cain on the run.



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  1. John Butler says

    Great pics Les.

    Freo have been very impressive this season. They really hold their fate in their own hands now. No margin for error in Conference A.


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