AFLW Round 3 – Fremantle v Collingwood: Where do we go from here?


I can’t say I went to Fremantle (because I didn’t); this game was spent on the couch with my 15 year old Cat, Tom, a glass of water and some digestive biscuits – yes I like them, no I’m not that old, don’t @ me! So without further ado, let’s discuss this game that immediately went in Fremantle’s favour.


The commentators kept mentioning it was rather windy on one side of the ground, and that would affect scoring shots accordingly. I did scribble something about wind in my notes, I was unable to finish as 37 seconds in, Kellie Gibson managed a goal for the Dockers. Collingwood took charge and managed to get the ball within their goal territory within two minutes. Brittany Bonnici managed a behind and the commentators mentioned the wind. Again.


With that being said, a quick goal came off the boot of Ebony Antonio within 40 seconds down the other end of the ground. Wind or not, Collingwood were starting to struggle with Fremantle version 3.0. Those who support the Black and White kept their hopes up, as it was just the first quarter. For the next 10 minutes Collingwood laid out their best defensive affair, hoping that they could at least, keep the opposition from scoring. Kiara Bowers (what a legend I must say) had something to say about this and managed a behind at 12:56. Shortly following this, quarter 1 was over and Fremantle were grinning ear to ear. Another mention was made about the wind. Credit where credit is due – both Sarah D’Arcy (#4) and Brittany Bonnici (#8) were on absolute fire this first quarter – they are assets to the Collingwood AFLW team. All was not positive for the Dockers though – Brianna Moyes unfortunately went down with an ACL. Seeing this every time it happens and to whoever is shocking, it’s never easy.


Despite the dour first quarter, I held out hope for the second. Our fantastic new recruit Maddie Shevlin managed a behind just before 3 minutes in the second. As we held onto our seats, she gave us hope that Collingwood could turn this around. The margin was down to 11 points and could possibly be managed. Would Collingwood make it home?


Ashley Sharp of Fremantle quickly decided it was not to be and went for a major, putting a behind on the board for the Dockers. Dana Hooker also added to this by booting a goal at 6:05 minutes of the second term. Less than two minutes later, Ashley Sharp completely outran Iilish Ross (#21 of the Magpies) for what would’ve been an epic goal, had it not been a behind after it deviated to the left of the posts. Bowers, not happy with the behind from before, reminded us why her nickname is Turbo and got another major for the Dockers. It would seem that Collingwood had got lost in Fremantle; the pressure was getting to them. The overtime of the quarter saw another goal from Ebony Antonio, with it quickly finishing in the Docker’s favour shortly afterwards. At this stage I made a note to point out Holly Whitford – she is showing real promise in the game and proved her worth during this outing. The lead was now stretched out to 31, and the Pies were starting to crack. Tom the cat gave up at this stage, jumping off the couch and heading towards his food bowl. He should’ve been a cow – he’s always grazing.


Now I was on my own with my water and my Twitter account. Could Collingwood do it? It could be done! The wind was mentioned again as the commentary team decided Collingwood was cooked; that Fremantle already had it in the bag. Despite this, I refused to believe all the negative hype; I was shut down pretty quickly with Sabreena Duffy managing a behind within two minutes and Ashley Sharp again going for goal and getting a behind before 5 minutes had passed in Q3. It was not looking good for the black and white. The always amazing Sarah D’Arcy managed a major 7 minutes and the lead was reduced to 26, it was possible. Collingwood had to score and keep the ball off Fremantle at the same time. Our new number 6, Jordy Allen got a behind when going for a shot. I don’t even know if the commentators mentioned wind this time. I can’t remember. 25 points, the difference could still get lower.


Now I haven’t mentioned much of Ash Brazill this match; even so, she was amazing as always and showing us exactly what she was made of, being a dual athlete. It was her style of game play that stopped Fremantle from getting another goal and increasing the lead back to 31. 26 points it was following a rushed behind. It was scary by this stage; could we make the margin back? Unfortunately it was not meant to be Collingwood’s night: at 12:55 a goal from Kelli Gibson and two further behinds from both Ashlee Atkins (14:30) and Hayley Miller (15:53). The ball constantly ended up inside 50 on Freo’s end each quarter. It could be possible for Collingwood to come back, would they?


Jaimee Lambert got into the groove quickly in the 4th, kicking a goal at 57 seconds. Her tribute after the kick to her friend that recently passed was beautiful to see. She clearly has a large heart and plays with purpose and intent every time she’s on the field. For the rest of Collingwood, the heat and speed were getting to them; a rushed behind came our way at 2:42 – decreasing the lead to 27. Unfortunately this was what it was and the ball kept getting down to the Fremantle end of the oval. A rushed behind went the way of the purple and increased the lead back to 28. While we did manage to get it back in B/W territory, a rushed behind was all we could muster for the final term. It was at this stage Collingwood launched a last minute defensive effort and kept the ball from getting scores to Fremantle for most of the quarter. Katie-Jayne Grieve of the Dockers quickly put another major through before the end of the game; unfortunately, it was not to be for the Pie girls.


Fremantle 3.0 are clearly a force to be reckoned with. They also had the home advantage tonight and got the win. It is scary thinking next week we face GWS who are also winless. Only one team can win down at Morwell. Who will it be? My fingers and toes are crossed for the Pies as the only way is up.

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  1. That is a fairly accurate description of what I saw from the couch. The Pies are struggling because they are getting smashed in contested ball which translates to a huge inside 50 disparity and the defenders under seige. Moreover, the Pies forward line has been gutted while Freo has pretty much the same team as previous years which can be seen by their superior ball movement and more even skill level. Unfortunately the season is so short the learning/experience curve is very steep.

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