AFLW Round 2 – Collingwood v St Kilda: Pies too good for Saints

AFLW Round 2 Collingwood vs St Kilda Victoria Park


Was a lovely Saturday afternoon to watch the PiesW play their first home game of the year.



My mum and I were a bit apprehensive venturing out during an Omicron wave but after 2 weeks of the new year of going nowhere but work and home we were in need of some community spirit and to try to live with COVID. So after checking off our list:  outdoor event, warmish  Melbourne day, we were boosted, masked up and we had options to sit in our own small row we took the trip to the Magpie motherland.


We arrived 10mins late to the first quarter as we had the delight of trying to scour for parking and then had to QR check in, bags checked and vaccine certificate check (despite this being extra steps, as a health professional these extra steps makes me very grateful).


The players (FYI I will be trying to make an effort to not use girls/womens as I am being mindful of a few players coming out as non binary but will take some time to adjust as I’ve grown up in a binary world so excuse me if I still use gender specific terms) had kicked 2 goals and 2 points and the Saints were scoreless. We found a nice little seat near the Pie cheer squad and had enough distance to feel safe but close enough to enjoy the atmosphere and energy of the fans.


The first quarter the Pies played some good footy and the Saints were struggling to keep up. It took me a while to realise we were missing quite a few key players but they worked very well in all thirds of the ground.



Q1 Pies 3-3-21 Saints 0-0-0


Second quarter the Pies were kicking to the cheer squad end and there was a lot of fun energy as they kept pushing to the forward line but unfortunately didn’t pile on the goals.


Q2 Pies 4-4-28 Saints 0-0-1


Third quarter felt similar to the 2nd where the Pies had a solid defence and were able to move the ball quickly to the forward line but unfortunately just couldn’t put on multiple goals.



The Saints started to play a bit more aggressive and there were a few more bodies being hit hard. They only managed a further point for their effort.


Q3 Pies 5-5-35 Saints 0-2-2

The fourth quarter saw the aggression from the Saints carried forward and they started to hit their targets more and get more movement to their forward line. They score their first goal midway in the quarter and for the first time we heard a roar from Saints supporters in the back pews of the stands. My mum and I were shocked as we did not know there were any Saints supporters there as we could only see a sea of black and white. It was disappointing we could not keep the Saints goalless as the ladder looks like it is going to depend on percentage with so many teams in close competition with each other already. Sadly they conceded another goal in the last minute and though it was a good win of 27 points we easily could have beaten them by 40 points.


Full time Pies 6-5-41 Saints 2-2-14


All in all was a promising game and the team should dominate knowing we have key players returning soon. Despite the loss of Brianna Davey with another ACL, (the number of players getting ACLs tears is starting to bother me. Makes me think there is not enough work being done to factor in women have greater chance of ACLs due to the different lower body biomechanics and the problems seen in sports like Netball have not translated to better training frameworks to address this in AFL… anyway that’s another topic and I am straying here), they played united as a team, had a good spread of goal kickers and a very solid defence.


It was nice to see solid crowds coming to the women’s matches and they are now ticketed which show people are willing to pay to watch. It has been great to see the athletes going from strength to strength in just 6 short years. I remember the first year a lot of them could not mark the ball consistently, only a handful of players could kick further than 25m and they had little concept of the rules and how to make the game flow. The quality is great to see and i am excited to see what the competition will be be like at the 10 year anniversary. Along with the recent commitment to make long term investment for the women’s game by the AFL is promising.

Hope you all have had a nice weekend despite the Omicron disaster we are enduring and hopefully we are getting closer to the peak and slide down swiftly on the other side.



Stay safe everyone and GO PIES.




COLLINGWOOD     3.3     4.4     5.5     6.5 (41)
ST KILDA               0.0     0.1     0.2     2.2 (14)


Sheridan 2, O’Dea, Chaston, Newman, Cann
St Kilda:
McDonald, Shierlaw  


Bonnici, Lambert, Butler, Cann, Rowe, Allen, Sheridan
St Kilda: Vesely, Phillips, Priest, Lucas-Rodd, Dillon


Collingwood: Chiocci (Achilles) replaced in selected side by Barnett, Fowler (concussion)
St Kilda: Nil



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  1. Jim Kesselschmidt says

    Thanks Linda. Great stuff on a magnificent day. Saw it on the TV. The womens team were terrific. What a player Bonnici is. I love the work of Ebony O’Dea, she’s a ripper and quite unheralded.

    Good reading and seems u and ur Mum would have had a good time. The AFLW side are gelling well as a unit. A bit tougher next week v the cats in Corio

  2. Your Pies are a strong side, Linda. Looking forward to what they can do when the chips are down – my feeling is they have enough to be there when finals heat up and should push for a GF appearance all things being equal (which of course, we know is unlikely with the pandemic causing havoc).

    And we’ve been talking about ACLs for years now in relation to the AFLW – you’d have to think the closer the season start is to the start of the year the worse it will be too.

    And from one health professional to another – thanks, and keep on keeping on!

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