AFLW Grand Final – Brisbane v Adelaide: Indescribable


Wow, what a day!


Get up in the morning start my Collingwood versus Bulldogs Almanac report, then get ready for tennis.


Win tennis do some jobs around the house.


Then I go to my friend Mitchell’s house we have a play and roam around his school which is right next to his house, then we have some lunch.


I invented a new taste, Gherkins dipped in tomato chutney.


So we sit around in the living room and wait for the first bounce of the first ever AFLW Grand Final, hopefully to be won by the Adelaide Crows.


Oh, wow! We scored a goal – this is amazing. Less than 20 seconds and we are already six points up, this is literally the perfect start that we have been looking for. Hopefully we can follow that through for the whole match and win the game.


Me and Mitchell had to pick who we thought would score the first goal Mitchell picked Sarah Perkins and I picked Erin Philips. Kellie Gibson scored the goal (that was inside 20 seconds) so none of us won.


Mitchell picked Erin Phillips to have the most disposals while I picked Chelsea Randall.


For the next five minutes it is quite tight and I just liked the six points on the board compared to the zero for Brisbane.


Dang! Brisbane scored a goal the scores are level. Last time the Crows and the Lions played the Crows led at half time but the Lions took over and won the match. Hopefully the Crows can stay strong this match.


Behind! We need to capitalise on the scoring shots. What? How did Varnhagen score that goal? It was a kick from the left pocket left foot and a goal! Now that’s what I call capitalising on the scoring shots.


Leading at quarter time and half time much the same, the Crows had control but its close. At half time we bounce on the trampoline and in the third quarter we watch it in the garage in the man cave corner.


We have to leave so the last quarter is spent in the car we go back home and see it’s 20 seconds to go. Throw in Brisbane kick it inside 50 but they can’t get a mark.




Wow! I just saw Crows win a premiership!


I’m not predicting anything but the Crows could win the AFL, SANFL and the AFLW.


It’s just indescribable.


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  1. Tony Robb says

    Thanks Aiden
    Great write up. What a great spectacle and Erin Phillips was amazing. She would get a game at Carlton the way the men are going, The Crows were very good against the Giants today so it might be a big year for the club as you say.

  2. Dave Brown says

    Good stuff… it was bloody great stuff!!! Will happily accept two out of three, Aidan (not asking for much). Randall and Phillips just flat out superstars. Is writing about writing a report what the young people would call meta these days?

  3. Yvette Wroby says

    Thank you Aiden. I could feel your excitement in the report. Adelaide were unbelievable all day, and cleaner with the ball. They didn’t give Brisbane a moments peace. Well done to the Crows.

  4. Rick Kane says

    Dang Aiden, you did a pretty good job of describing the “indescribable”! How good does it feel to see your team win the Premiership? Great read mate.

  5. It feels amazing and 10x better!!!

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