AFL Round 8 – West Coast v North Melbourne: In the Nic of Time, Goals after the Siren

Unsatisfied with Melbourne’s ridiculous parking prices, I stopped the car outside an old unit somewhere near Albert and Hoddle st. It was a fair walk to the Yarra to see the Moomba festival, but I didn’t mind.

It was still better than giving in to the absurd rate of Secure Parking charges despite having no guarantee or warranty that your vehicle is in any way ‘secure‘. (Source: The Checkout, ABC)

But all that was an unwelcome distraction to what had actually brought myself to the city alone. I was there to see Perth performer, Bob Evans. It was a really lovely performance and now I consider myself a real fan of his music. A highlight was his 2013 single ‘Go‘ (an ominous sign for later on).

Even though his real name is actually Kevin Mitchell, Bob and his band had nothing to hide. The small crowd, most of which wouldn’t have known the musicians, were appreciative of the songs, and the band was humbled to play them.


And just like a stunned mullet on the 35 degree day that it was, I realised the time. I had planned to make a quick stop at Moomba on the Labour Day Monday, before continuing up to La Trobe University for my Journalism lecture. ‘But that was only 45 minutes away? Surely you couldn’t have made it in time?’ You say. Oh but you’ll see. Just like Olivier Gendebien in the 1962 Le Mans 24 hour race, I sprinted to the car. It was probably at least a good 2-3 km run (although when I do recount the story to friends and family, the distance extends to 5-6kms). The sun was blaring down. I was getting bloody sweaty. It was during that heat wave that seemed to go on for about 10 months or so. Yeah, that one…

I made it to the car without a parking fine despite overstaying my welcome by about an hour. And after a bit of rushed driving I wasn’t proud of, I made it to the campus in record time. It was 5:01. I then casually jogged the remaining few hundred metres to the lecture theatre, found a seat, and within 5 seconds I then heard the words “Welcome to today’s lecture everybody”. Phew! Made it. I couldn’t have cut it any closer if I had planned. But man, it felt good to make it in time!

I guess in a lot of ways that’s how the majority of the 38,146 in Pattersons Stadium that saw Nic Naitanui kick a goal after the siren felt. Nic Nat couldn’t have cut it any closer if he had planned! In what was probably one of the games of the year so far, West Coast came back at North Melbourne after trailing by 15 points at the 11-minute mark of the last quarter, leaving the result undecided until the final kick. West Coast won 12.18.90 to 13.10.88.

It was an amazing match all round, where North Melbourne’s opening quarter 6.1.37 was their equal best ever against the Eagles (1993-R12 at the WACA). It also became the 3rd time in 2013 where the Kangaroos had lost by less than a goal, and the 8th time in the past three seasons (The most of any other team. Next – Hawthorn with 5). This puts North in the (somewhat) uncommon position of having a percentage of 108.1% and being in 13th place.

In what was the token Saturday Night blockbuster between Collingwood and Geelong, the Magpies successfully defeated the Cats by a meager 6 points. This upset now means that every team has now suffered at least one loss in 2013. It also means that Hawthorn regain their position on top of the ladder. The result however, threw up some interesting stats.

Not since 1985 have Collingwood been able to defeat Geelong in 3 consecutive games. Not since the 2011 Grand Final had Geelong defeated Collingwood. Geelong’s third quarter where they scored 8.4-52 was its biggest third quarter ever against the Pies (previous 7.8-50, 1961 -R1 at Kardinia Park).

And finally we have seen the first draw of 2013! On the same Saturday night, scores were drawn at 70 a piece for the Fremantle and Sydney game at the SCG. Most shockingly, after 412 league matches, it becomes Fremantle’s first and only ever draw. This amount is also the most ever matches played before a first draw. Fremantle would’ve been disappointed in their accuracy, having kicked 2 less goals (and 12 more points) than the Swans. This is only the 9th time (out of 151) where a one team scored 2 fewer goals than their opponents.

The final score of 70 points each is the 4th time this has occurred, with the most frequent score being 79-79 which has occurred 7 times. It also was only the 2nd time the SCG has witnessed a draw, which moves it up to the 19th most common ground for draws to occur on. (Grounds with +90 games).

Venue Draws Matches %
East Melb Cricket Ground 5 225 2.22
Brunswick St Oval 13 612 2.12
Corio Oval 6 371 1.62
Docklands Stadium 9 625 1.44
Arden St Oval 8 529 1.51
Windy Hill 9 629 1.43
Western Oval 9 665 1.35
Gabba 3 249 1.2
Carrara 1 96 1.04
Princes Park 16 1277 1.25
Lake Oval 8 704 1.14
Punt Rd Oval 6 544 1.1
MCG 27 2562 1.05
Glenferrie Oval 4 443 0.9
Kardinia Park 5 623 0.8
Moorabbin 2 254 0.79
Waverley Park 5 732 0.68
Junction Oval 5 734 0.68
SCG 2 343 0.58
Victoria Park 5 880 0.57
Football Park 2 444 0.45
Subiaco Oval 1 436 0.23


But surely the highlight of the weekend belonged to Nic Naitanui. The big Fijian would’ve lived every young boys dream in the country, when he took a pack mark in the final seconds, went back, and kicked straight after the final siren. He joins a company of 34 other VFL/AFL players to have done so in the history of the game, and the 16th in the last 20 years.

Since 1987, there has been 6 times where a goal has resulted in a draw, 4 times where a behind has been to win, and 5 times where a behind has drawn the match. There are also 20 other noted occasions where shots at goal after the siren have missed, resulted in a team losing, the most recent being Round 1 of 2012 North v Essendon, Hamish McIntosh.

But we aren’t here to dwell on those missed opportunities. We are here to celebrate the victories. So here is Cobba’s Round 8 Footy Graph on Goals after the Siren.

Goals after the Siren




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  1. Love it. Love it. Love it, Cobba.
    Where do you find all these obscure historical facts??? Watch out Gigs. These kids are coming to take our place in the much vaunted Almanac hierarchy.
    Like your taste in music too. Bob Evans is a beauty. He has that Neil Finn/Ron Sexsmith laid back melody. Perth boy too – but south of the river. I fear that his footy allegiances may not be as pure as his music. Anybody know?

  2. Matt Webber says

    Great read!

    Testament to the ongoing wonder that is sport that Karmichael Hunt is forever ensconced among the post siren ranks. I love that he’s there.

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