AFL Round 7 – Collingwood v Carlton: A frank perspective on the Pies spanking the Blues

Written for the Floreat Pica Society (on debut) by Frank “Cheeseman” Taylor

1st Quarter.

Blues started well, Pies slowly getting some system.

Blues wayward early.

17 min mark Pies messy, scores all tied up at 1.2 apiece.

Pies moving the ball beautifully, Elliot takes a screamer.

Defence standing up well with Langdon a stand-out.

Jessie does a cameo.

Brodie you Beauty!

Luke Ball – what a rock.

Quarter time: 7 scoring shots to 3, Grundy good in the ruck, Langdon a standout in defence and Dwyer and Blair getting plenty of the ball.


2nd Quarter.

12 min mark in the 2nd and Pies dominating – 5.6 to 1.4

Langdon still starring down back.

The across-the-board pressure of the Pies make the Poos look very, very ordinary.

We have a very good tackling side.

Josh Thomas starting to impress as well.

Beams slots another at the 24 min mark to become the Pies 1st multiple goal scorer.

Forward pressure is very, very good for Collingwood and certainly the Cheats are struggling.

½ time score: Carlton 1.5, Pies 7.6.

Pies well on top all around the ground, their defensive pressure shows so much.

Pies going for the ball, Poos looking to protect themselves, eyes off the ball and intimidated. Even when it’s a 2 on 1 against contest, we manage invariably to at least hold things up until we get numbers to the ball to generally come away with it.

Very good.

Poo forwards very poor – Mick would be absolutely spewin’.

Thomas has been played in attack and pretty ineffective really, seems to be played out of position.


3rd quarter

Blair continues to impress, Bronx cheers for Thomas who is now playing down back for the Poos.

9 minute mark, Poos kick 2nd goal which is a bit of a worry……

H’s game ordinary – looking very likely to figure in the DR voting.

Clokey gets a dodgey free 20m’s in front, a real gimme goal.

Umpiring not bad tonight certainly blown the whistle pretty freely, stopping that fugly, rolling maul rugby-style stuff.

Good old-fashioned AFL back again.

Pies starting to cut them up now, Elliot has just kicked a goal, 10 goals to 2 so far, yeah, lookin’ good.

Jesse White’s been very good in the forward line too.

H’s starting to get a few touches – been very poor 1st half from him, but starting to get back into the game.

Grundy screaming out of defence like a rover and Pendlebury holding the ball up beautifully.

¾ time:

10 goals 15 – butchered it in front of goal we have – and Carlton have kicked 2.7.

A bit of a floggin’, 54 points so far, 9 goals out, it’s a bloody good thing.

Swan continues to look just fantastic in the middle there making the most of his opportunities around the place, Billy Elliot is the consummate finisher, probably Pendlebury, Swan, Elliot, Langdon.


Last quarter.

Last quarter is degenerating into a point-fest for Collingwood….and a goal-fest for Carlton.

Football’s looking ordinary.

Kicking points, we’re not pressuring enough, not leading well, Henderson’s been troublesome last quarter – Keefe and Frost both of them have not been able to put him right away, Landon undoing his very, very good work of the 1st 3 quarters, not alone here, (backline) just not tightening up.


Blow the siren (for Gawd’s sake!)……



A bitter-sweet victory.

As I tipped the Pies to win by 60, at half time I was lookin’ good. The scene was set, the preparation was thorough and the Poos were on the butcher’s block ready to be put to the sword.

The Pies were moving the ball into the forward line beautifully, purposely and with system – the best all year and certainly with a style which is fundamental to a top four finish.

We were looking good.

Real good.


What happened?

Scoreboard pressure, or lack of, that is. 3 goals 9 points 3rd term was not a good enough return for effort.

Gave ‘em a sniff and they took it.

Thought that subbing off Sam Dwyer (20+ possessions) just before ¾ time somehow had a hand here, the team glue just sort of became a bit unstuck. Lacked something after the sub, just dunno.

Youth? Inexperience?

Still, a great game for three quarters and the future looks bright, real bright.


Horsburgh Medal Votes

Tough call – hardest job.


3          Swanny. What was that? Too fat, too slow, too old. Say no more.


2          Pendles. Another consistent Captain’s job, just continues to deliver.


1          Langdon. A class act. Unbelievable poise, class and judgement for his 7th game. Looking like a Maxwell/Clement type already. A champion in the making.


Special mention to Beams, Elliot, Grundy, The Sack and Blair (played 4 quarters, found space,

tackles, chases,  just missed a couple of critical shots. Has impressed this year.) amongst others.

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