AFL Round 7 – Carlton v Collingwood: Daisy’s Blue Return

I respect your wishes

You gave me such precious hours

What to do, without you


“Squeezed me out of your life

Down the drain like molten toothpaste

I feel used, and spat out

Poor old me”


‘I See Red’, Split Enz, 1978


It’s one thing to see a former star of your club in opposition colours. It’s another thing to see him in the colours of your greatest rival. Of course they eventually line up against you.

Dale Robert Jordan “Daisy” Thomas was a much loved Collingwood player in 157 games in the black and white between 2006 and 2013. Especially amongst the younger Magpie fans. Unless they were paying tribute to the Alan Richardson days of the 1990’s, the thousands of number 13’s on Collingwood jumpers were testimony to the popularity of the exciting young player taken with pick 2 in the 2005 draft. Debuting in Round 1 2006, Thomas set Docklands alight with 2 goals and a spectacular, spring-heeled mark on the back of an Adelaide opponent. The Magpie Army were immediate converts.

While not the most consistent player, Daisy saved his best for the big occaisions. His entire 2010 finals series was superb. Played hard and tough as well as with flair. Arguably Collingwood’s best performer throughout that successsful finals campaign. Injury had stifled his influence since then. Only 5 games in 2013. But still worth a 700K per season investment by Carlton. According to Grumpy Mick.

Tom Langdon, in his 7th game, lines up on Daisy at the first bounce. Good move to have a new player play on him instead of one of his old mates. Mitch Robinson takes a big hanger then kicks the first goal of the game. The Pies haven’t been starting well this season. Shortly after Macaffer gives a high tackle on Daisy and the formerly popular Pie has a shot from 40 out. He’s loudly booed by the Collingwood fans. As popular with them now as a “Hey, Dad!” DVD boxset is at JB Hi-Fi. There’s ironic cheers as he shanks the kick.

Witts kicks Collingwood’s first goal after receiving a free. Elliot marks strongly soon after and converts. Cloke goals. We’re 14 points up at quarter time.

The Pies dominate the next two quarters. 25 to 9 scoring shots at the last change, yet only 56 points up. It should be more. 8 Carlton goals in the final term to 4 Collingwood goals flatters them and makes the final margin just 34 points, nowhere near indicative of our dominance. Langdon is superb running out of defence. Has a cool head. Jarrod Witts plays well for the second week in a row. The Witts/Grundy ruck duo gets better every time they play. Exciting to have this developing duo, but we must be patient with them. Of course Pendlebury, Swan and Beams play well. They almost always do. Elliot and Sidebottom continue their great form, Blair plays his best game of the season.

For the Blues, apart from some game boosting last quarter stats (Simpson, Everitt, Robinson), there’s not much. Dylan Buckley is super impressive every time I see him play. This game was no exception. Carlton’s White beat Collingwood’s White. Daisy finished with 13 possesions. Each possesion seemingly worth a small fortune. Ratten can’t be blamed for this decision. Tuohy always looks dangerous.

There’s no better start to a weekend than a Friday night win over the old enemy. And Mick and Daisy, our new enemies.

Bucks 3- Grumpy Mick 0


Collingwood        3.4   7.6   10.15   14.20   104     def.

Carlton                  1.2   1.5    2.7       10.10     70



Collingwood: Beams 4, Elliot 3, Cloke 2, Witts 2, Dwyer, Ball, Grundy

Carlton:  Henderson 2, Robinson, Gibbs, Everitt, McLean, Garlett, Casboult, Warnock, Bell



Collingwood: Pendlebury, Beams, Langdon, Swan, Elliot, Witts, Sidebottom, Blair, Dwyer

Carlton: Tuohy, Warnock, Walker, Buckley


Umpires: Harris, Kamolins, Rosebury

Crowd: 68,251 at the MCG

Our Votes:

3. Scott Pendlebury (Collingwood)

2. Dayne Beams (Collingwood)

1. Tom Langdon  (Collingwood)

About Luke Reynolds

Cricket and Collingwood tragic. Twitter: @crackers134


  1. Apparently when Langdon went to Daisy and tried to rough him up, Wayne Carey said he didn’t like it, as it was “a lack of respect”. Knobbing your best mate’s wife though… that’s okay.

  2. Good point Litza. I tend to say the name Wayne Carey as one word.

  3. Oh yeah, nice report Luke. Great intro using that appropriate Split Enz song.

  4. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Thanks Luke.

    On the other hand, this could apply to Daisy and Mick.

    I went out to see if I could fall in love again
    That was my mistake, why, that was my mistake?
    One by one I counted all those happiest of days
    That was my mistake, that was my mistake

    That was my mistake
    That was my mistake

    And has anyone see Wankerry and SKWarne in the same room?

  5. E.regnans says

    How about
    “18 months (and rising) in a leaky boat”

    Top stuff Luke.
    Daisy did well for the pies.
    And Carlton have already got more from him than they got from Micky McGuane.

    JD- love the one word call.

  6. Peter Fuller says

    I have advised the Carlton match committee to place Luke Reynolds as permanent 23rd man for the Northern Blues. He is also to be sentenced to dunny cleaning duties.

  7. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Great stuff , Luke love the hey dad line ! I remember his debut we’ll and thought wow they have got a excitement machine . In reality now a bewildering recruiting decision I don’t no any 1 with dodgy ankles that miraculously get better . Interesting that the 2 clubs who had the guts to draft ruckmen with a 1st round choice re , Lobbe and Grundy that the clubs are reaping the rewards by the bucket load . Why Carlton are not playing, Buckley and Menzel in the starting 21 is a mystery
    Thanks Luke

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