AFL Round 5- Carlton v Collingwood: Great for Collingwood, shocking for Carlton

In all early educational advice that is given to an adolescent Collingwood supporter, the need to beat Carlton is up at the top of the list. Over the years I have learnt that it is alright if the Pies don’t win the flag or make the top four, just as long as we beat Carlton in our two routine match ups every year. That’s why every battle against the Navy Blues is like a Spartan fight to the death for every Collingwood supporter; prior form means nothing, just as long as we smack the Blues. For years us Pies fans have been craving the absolute belter of a game, where the Pies pressure them from the start and roll over them, as the foot never truly comes off of the throttle until the siren rings and the ‘Collingwood’ chant rings out loud and proud. Over the past few years there have been victories and very good ones indeed, such as the 17 point victory in Bucks’ first clash with Mick in early 2013, or last year’s great effort where we kept the Blues to only 1.5 in the first half, only to see the Blues kick eight last quarter junk time goals to see the game turn from a 13 goal smashing to a five goal victory. But in all imaginative Collingwood supporters’ wildest dreams, the perfect match against the old foe couldn’t have been scripted any better than it was on Friday night.

I arrive at the ground at around 7:20PM with three friends after a hearty meal in the city and a lovely stroll around riots and along Birrarung Marr. One friend is a Collingwood supporter along with me, the other is a Carlton supporter and the other is attending his second ever AFL game and is undecidedly siding with the Pies. It promises to be fun if the Pies get on top early. The exact opposite happens as the joy of our seats that are only four rows from the field is compromised by the man most Collingwood people rate the second most hated current Carlton player; Cameron Wood, slotting the first goal after a strong mark and banana. But the calmness returns as Oxley slots our first, with Goldsack’s raking long bomb and Dwyer’s cheeky goal pushing out the margin and giving us a reward for our first quarter dominance. It continues yet again in the second quarter as Grundy starts to dominate the ruck and the midfield capitalises, with the defence holding as strong as ever. At half time we are coasting and the poignant moment of Mick’s milestone looks to be in tatters, with a Pies smashing on the cards.

All of the talk by Collingwood supporters is buoyant, as many Carlton players can already suspect that maybe out of all of the nights for the big victory to happen, it will occur on the night of Mick’s milestone. The mighty Magpies keep on defying belief, with many young legs murdering the Blues in every facet, as players like Crisp and Ramsay killing noted players like Murphy and Armfield. Every player seems to get on the board, as there are no dominant goal kickers for the Pies, just the inaccurate Clock and inconsistent White scoring equally with small forwards and midfielders. Kicking is accurate too, as all of our dreams are coming true in front of our very eyes, with Patty Karnezis waltzing in to slot his second goal in as many games. It all seems too good to be true.

Come the last quarter and all of the hopes are on the dominance continuing and the perfect smashing occurring. Gladly enough, it happens, as the night of Collingwood supremacy is epitomised by Grundy’s third man up tap to Varcoe who snaps truly, causing a raucous yell in an otherwise lacklustre time. The chant goes up and the siren goes. It’s a dream come true. The singing of the Pies song continues out to nearby Jolimont Station, as there are many joyous Collingwood fans on this Friday night.

Carlton: 1.1 2.3 5.6 6.9 (45)
Collingwood: 4.4 8.9 14.11 18.12 (120)

Carlton: Wood 2, Armfield, Ellard, Bell, Simpson.
Collingwood: Cloke 2, Elliott 2, Pendlebury 2, Varcoe, Karnezis, Dwyer, Gault, White, Blair, Goldsack, Adams, Swan, Grundy, Crisp, Oxley.

Carlton: Rowe, Judd, Cripps.
Collingwood: Pendlebury, Crisp, Grundy, Swan, Elliott, Adams, Oxley, Frost.

Official Attendance: 71,759.

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