AFL Round 3 Preview: Saints and Blues still in strife?

JTH wonders whether St Kilda and Carlton are still in strife and whether you can add the Lions to that cohort as well.

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JTH is a writer, publisher, speaker, historian. He is publisher and contributing editor of The Footy Almanac and He has written columns and features for numerous publications. His books include Confessions of a Thirteenth Man, Memoirs of a Mug Punter, Loose Men Everywhere, Play On, The Pearl: Steve Renouf's Story and Life As I Know It (with Michelle Payne). He appears on ABCTV's Offsiders. He can be contacted [email protected] He is married to The Handicapper and has three kids - Theo13, Anna11, Evie10. He might not be the worst putter in the world but he's in the worst three. His ambition is to lunch for Australia.


  1. Tony Robb says

    This anti-Blues theme is becoming as habit which concerns not only myself, but I am sure the other sensitive Blues supporters. Blues by 15 point . The annual footie trip in locked in for 14 June this year so we might catch up at the Arms before the Blues game on Friday if your around. I’ll try to come down for the Footy Town launch as well provided my wife hasn’t booked us to see some ageing washed up muso scraping the last possible dollar from their long winded career

  2. Tony Robb says

    And could we get Stephen Dank to have look at the horse and inject some of James Hird’s breast milk into the tendon

  3. Rick Kane says

    Dear Mr JTH

    Oh the wit, oh, the wisdom. I cacked at these pearlers:

    “Nick Dal Santo looks like a man on superannuation; like his Gatorade should come out with a little cherried umbrella in it”


    “If ever the Tigers have had a chance to set a season up, it is here. 3-0! That’s halfway up the Magic Faraway Tree”

    I almost want to take up betting, such is the weight of authority in such jokes and the author’s confidence in how to swing it.

    Good tips across the weekend except for that Pies pick.


  4. Richard Naco says

    Rick beat me to the punch here, but “looks like a man on superannuation; like his Gatorade should come out with a little cherried umbrella in it” looks like Best Quip of the 2013 season so far.

    It’s going to take an absolute pearler to snatch the gong away from that gem.

  5. Stephen Cooke says

    I used Harms’s tips in the Almanac tipping comp. Four winners. Four.

    Not happy, Jan.

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