AFL Round 20: Swans are better thanI expect but I still want them to change their game plan

By Josh Barnstable

After an eventful day, I want nothing more than to sit down and watch a good game of footy. But then I I realize Sydney is playing. At ANZ Stadium. I’m in for a boring night. I look for other things to do. Play footy on the Playstation; continue reading my book from my English class at school, go on the internet. Finally, I decide I’m going to watch the game. Robert Walls and the Sydney Swans, my two least favourite things in football, on Channel 10 on a Saturday night. Great.

The game starts with Tom Hawkins kicking the first before Steve Johnson, who moved like an old pensioner before the game, snapped a brilliant goal to give the Cats an early 12 point lead. Michael O’Loughlin goals from the 50 for the Swans’ first but a goal to Shannon Byrnes after marking uncontested in the 50 sees Geelong out to a 13 point lead. Jared Moore kicks the final goal of the quarter after the siren, after a big Jessie White screamer at Half Forward. The Swans go into quarter time with some momentum, trailing by 7 points, 2.3 to 3.4.

After sitting through the boring first quarter, I realize I have three more to sit through. Cam Mooney goals from long range to start the second quarter, before O’Loughlin answers with a mark and goal. Tom Lonergan bobs up for a goal, () and Joel Selwood marks and goals, giving the Cats an 18 point lead. Brett Kirk runs into an open goal after a brilliant mark and handball to White, then White kicks his first after a good mark. The Swans are back in it, trailing by 6 points at the main break, 5.5 to 6.5.

I realize the game isn’t as boring as I thought it was, and things get more interesting when Martin Mattner goals from a free kick, a very important goal. Dan Hannebry goals on the run to give the Swans the lead but the Cats fight back, Mooney and Hawkins kicking back to back goals to lead by 9 points. Mattner kicks his second though, after a clever snap from near the boundary line. A late one to Byrnes sees the Cats lead by 10 points at three quarter time, 9.11 to 8.7. Ryan O’Keefe is on 19 touches for the Swans while Gary Ablett has a massive 33 for Geelong.

The final quarter begins and Ablett is the man to get things going, kicking a clever goal from the goalsquare. Adam Goodes replies, evading two opponents and slotting it from 40m out on the run. Byrnes kicks his third and then Mooney does the same from the goalsquare, giving Geelong a 22 point lead. O’Loughlin also kicks his third, and then Jude Bolton kicks straight from 35m out to cut the margin to 11 points. Joel Corey kicks a good goal after some great intercepting work before the Swans come hard again, with goals through Goodes from a tight angle and O’Keefe after working Cameron Ling under the ball before running into an open goal, cutting the margin to 4 points. The Swans keep charging forward, but it ends on the wing, the Cats winning yet another close one by 5 points, 13.14.92 to 13.9.87. Ablett finished on a massive 44 disposals, but not bettering his tally of 46 he achieved in Round 4.

After tonight, I think the Swans are finished. They won’t make the finals, and they won’t make it next year. But when John Longmire takes the reigns, I’m looking forward to a change of game style by the Swans. Hopefully they can get rid of the boring, defensive style and opt for some quick movement through the midfield towards a leading forward, something that helped Longmire into one of the goalkicking greats of the game.

Sydney 2.3—5.5—8.7—13.9.87
Geelong 3.4—6.5—9.11—13.14.92


Sydney-O’Loughlin 3, Goodes 2, Mattner 2, White, Kirk, Moore, J. Bolton, Hannebery, O’Keefe

Geelong-Mooney 3, Byrnes 3, Hawkins 2, Corey, Ablett, Lonergan, Selwood, Johnson


Sydney-White, Goodes, Kirk, Shaw, O’Loughlin, J. Bolton

Geelong-Ablett, Corey, Mooney, Enright, Byrnes, Mackie


40,261 at ANZ Stadium


3: Gary Ablett (G)
2: Joel Corey (G)
1: Jesse White (S)


  1. ha-ha Robert Walls!!
    yeah hes not that great is he?
    my favourite would have to be Luke Darcy :)
    Lukes has the cutest facial expressions when he looks at the camera Lol.

  2. Josh Barnstable says

    My favourite commentator on the TV would be Michael Christan or Anthony Hudson. On the radio, Brian Taylor definately gives me the giggles when listening :)

  3. Damian Watson says

    I agree with you Josh Sydney are finished however they have had their chances against the top two teams in the comp to snatch the game.

    Wallsy’s a LEGEND, I know he is a little boring and biased towards Carlton, but still!!

    Was Tim Lane calling the game? He’s a great commentator but he never likes the way Sydney play.

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