AFL Round 20: Hawks’ performance in battle of birds deems them unworthy of finals

By Josh Barnstable

After completing yet another week of school, I was looking forward to getting home and enjoying the footy and resting up for a big week ahead of me. I pick Adelaide confidently on the radio, but I have a feeling the Hawks can win if they are serious about finals, which up to this point I have started believing otherwise. The Crows run out in their flash Guernsey’s, and I push the thoughts about Hawthorn out of my head, believing the flash Crows can win this.

The game starts and Brad Sewell kicks the first after some great pressure by Cyril Rioli. He then kicks a ball out of mid-air from a stoppage from 30m out through for a goal. DELICIOUS! Ben McGlynn kicks a goal on the run, followed by Jarryd Morton snaps a good goal from the Forward Pocket, taking the margin out to 25 points. Jordan Lewis extends that with the Hawks’ 5th consecutive goal of the game, taking the margin out to 30 points. A late goal to Scott Thompson from the boundary line stops the Hawks from keeping Adelaide goal-less for the quarter, something the Crows have done quite a lot to other teams this year, the Hawks leading by 25 points, 5.3 to 1.2.

The second quarter begins and a different Adelaide side comes out on the ground. Kurt Tippett hauls in a mark from the goalsquare, kicking a goal, Jason Porplyzia marks and goals, Bernie Vince goals from long range and Trent Hentschel marks his return to the AFL for the first time since Round 2 of the season, kicking a brilliant goal from outside the boundary line, giving the Crows the lead. A late goal to Thompson sees the Crows out to an 8 point lead at half time, 6.8 to 5.5.

The third quarter begins and Buddy Franklin kicks his first of the night but the Crows extend the lead to 13 points with goals to Michael Doughty and Richard Douglas. Franklin kicks his second before 3 goals to Hentschel and one to Porplyzia sees the margin out to 31 points. A late goal to Franklin, his third of the quarter, cuts the deficit to 23 points at three quarter time, 8.10 to 12.9.

The final quarter starts, and I’m hoping of either a revival of the Hawks or for the Crows to blow the game out of the water. I get neither. Buddy kicks the first goal of the term, his fourth, and there is small hope for the Hawks. Chris Knights, in my eyes the favourite to take out the Adelaide Best and Fairest, capitalizes on a Josh Kennedy turnover created by Andrew McLeod and goals to put the matter beyond doubt. The final siren sounds, ending a dour game with the Crows winning by 27 points, 13.16.94 to 9.13.67.

The Hawks are done. If they do get into the finals, they don’t deserve to. The Crows, after tonight’s performance and in fact their past half of the season, deserve a top 4 spot but may find it hard to break in, with the Doggies and Magpies very reluctant to come out. But the battle of the birds tonight resulted in the Crows coming out kings over the Hawks.

Hawthorn 5.3—5.5—8.10—9.13.67
Adelaide 1.2—6.8—12.9—13.16.94


Hawthorn-Franklin 4, McGlynn, Rioli, Sewell, Lewis, Morton

Adelaide-Hentschel 4, Porplyzia 2, Thompson 2, Tippett, Vince, Doughty, Douglas, Knights


Hawthorn-Franklin, McGlynn, Mitchell, Rioli

Adelaide-McLeod, Hentschel, Reilly, Thompson, Doughty


32,583 at the MCG

3: Andrew McLeod (A)
2: Trent Hentschel (A)
1: Lance Franklin (H)


  1. Damian Watson says

    In my opinion the Hawks are finished.
    This game was a season defining clash at home against Adelaide on thbig stage and unlike last year they failed after an irresistable second half by the Crows.

    How long do your radio appearances go for?

  2. Josh Barnstable says

    They go for around 5-6 minutes. I am seriously considering tipping the Bulldogs for tomorrow nights game. Any thoughts anyone?

  3. .well i thinking:
    Western bulldogs (risk it!)

    but i might change when i see who the teams have named

  4. Steve Healy says

    Nice piece Josh, and happy birthday.

    Very hard game to tip,

    I think Geelong will win, and I think they’ll try their guts out for the last two games. Just before I was watching the replay of the 2007 grand final.

  5. Josh Barnstable says

    Yeah that looks a bit like my tips for this week Danni, but change the St Kilda one to North Melbourne! North have included Shannon Watt for his last game and it’ll be Brady Rawlings’ last game so they will be inspired :)

  6. Josh Barnstable says

    …So all of that should see North keep the margin underneath 10 goals at least. LOL :)

  7. Steve Healy says

    Geelong have Chapman, Rooke, Milburn, Wojcinski and Gamble back in. But Steve Johnson’s out, along with Varcoe, Harley, Lonergan and Hogan.

  8. lmaoo..wishful thinking JOSH!!
    sorry but i have to back the Saints on this one. hopefully it will be close?

  9. Michael Allan says

    I think Bulldogs are worth the risk. Gia aned Higgins are huge ins.

  10. Damian Watson says

    Here are my tips:
    Geelong v Western Bulldogs Draw ( I will do the Mike Williamson and tip a draw, both sides have lost form over recent weeks, intresting to see the ins and outs)
    Carlton (a 20 goal victory!!!)
    Adelaide (a comfortable win at home)
    Brisbane (likewise)
    Hawthorn (should win under lights this time around)
    St. Kilda (a no brainer… sorry Josh)
    Collingwood (should continue good form)
    Essendon (easily account for Freo)

  11. lmaoo..wishful thinking JOSH!!
    sorry but i have to back the Saints on this one. hopefully it will be close?? :P

  12. Steve Healy says

    Hahaha very funny Damian. I’d say 20 point victory.

  13. Michael Allan says

    Anyone give Richmond a chance this week? Hawks without Roughead,Campbell, Simon Taylor (maybe that’s bad for Richmond and no backline. Or is it just wishful thinking on my part?

  14. nahh sorry Michael, i cant see it.
    Hawks need to run home strong and prove themsleves while Richmond just wants a new season!

  15. Steve Healy says

    Michael, I think it’s possible, considering Richmond beat Hawthorn last time by 29 points. Interesting to see that Simmonds is in and Vickery out. i think the tiges will want to get over the line for Polak. Hawthorn have bought in Max Bailey to replace Taylor, Bailey hasn’t played since 2006. And they’re also playing debutant Riley Milne.

  16. Michael Allan says

    Yeah, I was dissapointed Ty’s out. I was looking forward to seeing him play on Shoenmakers cause they were both drafted this year. I guess they needed to give Simmo one last chance to keep his spot on the list. We’ve also got Thompson making his debut since coming from Port. From what I’ve seen at Coburg he’s just another medium sized midfeilder who can’t kick.

  17. ahhh i see you have youself a Toovey then Michael! :P
    goodluck with that!

  18. Steve Healy says

    I think the interesting thing is that the tigers bought in Moore. That gives them 3 keyish defenders to target one key forward (Franklin).

  19. Steve Healy says

    Yeh, you guys only need one of those in your team (McMahon).Danielle, what do you think about Josh Fraser coming back into the team?

  20. Michael Allan says

    We have more than one “Toovey” in ouirn team without Thompson. I was a little surprised with Fraser was back.Wood should still play though. He’s been really good the last couple of weeks i thought.

  21. well the first thing im thinking is:
    i then groaned seeing that Toovey is still named. argghhh
    Fraser? well Joshy was getting back into his form before the injury so im happy to have him back…im not happy that Dawes has been ommited while Sidebottom is named.

    im telling you in leaving out Dawes they have made a BIG mistake!

  22. Steve Healy says

    I don’t think Dawes is really needed. The Collingwood forward line is full. He has gotten quite a few possessions over the last couple of weeks but for a lot of the time he has been sort of playing across half back which doesn’t suit him.

  23. really? no i like having him there for ruck and to run around freely.
    its cute how he keeps one sock up and tbe other down. :)
    you know…Rusling isnt injured anymore!

    Status: annoyed @ Mick

  24. Steve Healy says

    Funny that you mention that, Danielle. Collingwood now only have one player on their injury list with Fraser and Goldsack fit. Tristain Francis still has a groin injury, come on Tristain get better!

  25. this is what i would do:

    B: O’brien, Presti, N.Brown
    HB: Maxwell, Lockyer, Swan
    C: Beams, Pendles, Didak
    HF: Dawes, Cloke, Medhurst
    FF: Anthony, Thomas, Rusling
    Ruck: Fraser & Wood
    Interchange: Davis,Shaw,L.Brown

  26. Steve Healy says

    Uhhh, Danielle that’s only 20 players!

  27. yes, and thats how i want it. :)
    ….is that a polite way of saying..”YOUR FORGETING TOOVEY!!!”

  28. Steve Healy says

    Hahaha. Nah 2 Tooveys!

  29. Josh Barnstable says

    Wow I leave the laptop for 20 minutes to have tea and do the birthday cake thing, i come back and i have 30 emails in my inbox saying you have all commented my report LOL. I just saw all the ins to the sides this weekend. Riley Milne. Any relation to Stephen Milne?

  30. Steve Healy says

    Dont know. His a tall defender (193cms)so pretty much the complete opposite.

  31. ohh god..thats all i need TWO TOOVEYS.

    just looked at my horoscope 4 tommorrow. i thought i was out of it today at school but it looks like its gonna get worse:

    Your Horoscope – Tomorrow, August 21, 2009
    Today you might feel the desire to break free from your daily routine, Danni, particularly with regard to career matters. You might be considering developing a business of your own, one that would give you a lot more freedom than you currently have. If this is what you have in mind, this is a good day to start looking into it. You might find that there are more possibilities out there than you would ever have expected.
    Avoid routine and repetitive tasks which will bring impatience and frustration. It will be difficult to concentrate and you may have to force yourself to stay on task.

    hmmmm….. :S

  32. ohh cake!! make sure you eat A HUGE piece for me know since im on the diet!

  33. Josh Barnstable says

    Well I grabbed a piece of cake, went to go sit on the couch and the cake split in two and landed on my pants. Now i have icing all over them! So i’m not in the mood for cake right now seeing as it annoyed me.

  34. Michael Allan says

    Dani mayve you should start a campaign to delist Toovey at the end of the year.It’s not really a buisness but it’s close enough.

  35. LOL :) Hahahahhahaha poor Josh.
    im such a diva on my birthday..if i dont get the chocolate cake i want the whole street finds out! :P

    Michael..thats not a bad idea but for some reason i dont think it will work. he must be loved by Mick!

  36. Steve Healy says

    I think Toovey needs to sleep in Mick’s roof, then he might be dropped lol.

  37. im seriously wondering if he HAS a girlfriend.
    i think that im the only person who hates him! i think most have now accepted him.
    you know, you guys are lucky.
    if you get pissed off with some dude you get into a punch-on…theres some girl i would love to grab my the hair and give a piece of mind to!

    status: annoyed and grumpy

  38. that should be *grab by the hair*

  39. Michael Allan says

    Is this the same Dani who was getting stuck into King and Hislop for getting into a fight?

  40. Josh Barnstable says

    Lol i actually won a birthday cake on the radio today! It was weird. I got off the school bus and checked my phone. 0 texts. I walked over to my hang-out spot and checked my phone. 8 texts. All saying congrats on winning the cake and i had no idea what they were on about lol.

  41. hey this is different.
    i only visualise getting even, i dont go out there and do it. if i did id prob get suspended from school!
    Plus that wasnt a little school punch was TV FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!

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