AFL Round 20 – Geelong v Fremantle: Yeah Nahh Good Win

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“Cats by 24 points.”


Good effort. This will be a good win. Crucial in fact. I really rate Freo. We need this win. Haven’t beaten a really genuine top rated team since we knocked off Hawthorn in round 5. They must be playing well. Might get another beer. This party is starting to warm up.


“Cats by 17 points.”


Hmmmm Freo coming at us. Suppose this was always on the cards. Good side Freo. Plenty of time remaining but we should get over the line. Very important that we do. Sews up top 4 for us.


“Cats by 11.”


Crikey. Have the Cats stopped? Freo must be charging at us. My phone battery is getting low. We should win. Should win. Don’t want to lose this one. Probably not the end of the world if we do, but would love to see the Cats trump the Dockers at home. However, a loss at this time of the year could do us some good, like the loss to Port in Round 21 of 2007.


“Cats 5 points up.”


Bloody hell what’s going on?  We could drop this. I won’t be too disappointed if we do. Freo were obviously primed for this. In fact, there is a good argument that a loss tonight could be beneficial. It would really sting the young Cats into action.


“Cats clinging on by 4.”


Yep, we’ll probably get rolled. Oh well, never mind. Sounds like we played well. Probably should have won, but Freo might be just a bit more desperate. We can cope with a loss. No problem. Scott will have plenty of ammunition to fire them up next week.


“Cats still by 4 points.”


Surprised we’re still in front really. Thought Freo would have us by now. Our young blokes are obviously running out of legs. I think Scott has his eyes on the 2015 season. We’ll put this loss down to experience. Tough side, Freo. Always hard to beat. Our young blokes need to learn to play four full quarters. A loss by a goal won’t hurt the percentage.


“Cats 3 points up.”


Well, well, well. Freo peppering the goals. I hope we cop the loss well and don’t lose confidence. I’m not too upset. Would have been nice to crack the Freo defence open, but we can have another go in September. Probably only lose by three points. Surely there is only enough time for Freo to score one goal at most. Good effort by the young Cats to stay so close. I really rate Freo.


“Cats still by 3 points.”


Whatever will be, will be. Thirty one minutes and the game’s still going. We might hang on! We just might hang on! Doesn’t really matter either way, but would be good to get the four points. Might have one more ale then head home. Been a good party but I find it hard to be friendly and happy after we lose.


“Mundy has marked it. Siren. He’s shooting from 50.”


Mundy. Hmmmmm. Good kick Mundy. They’ll be pumped at Freo winning this. Especially after the siren. Especially at Kardinia Park. Lyon will look all smug. Geez I’ll have to put up with some crap. Bad luck Cats. Good effort, but bad luck. Not that critical. We’ll still be top 4. Freo just a bit steady for us tonight by the sounds of it.


“Mundy misses. Cats home by 2 points!”


YOU BLOODY BEAUTY!!!  (Fist pump). That was crucial. Abso-bloody-lutely crucial!! Top 4 nearly sewn up. We HAD to win that game. Simply HAD to win. (Fist pump). Huge effort Cats. SENSATIONAL!! (Fist pump). I would have been SPEWING if we had lost that. Especially at home. Really, really, really good win. Hard fought, tough, critical four points. Geez I hate watching Freo play. Boring as bat crap. SOOOOO happy we held on. Cracking effort. Yesssss! (Fist pump).


PUMPED now. Another beer? Too right. I’m here for the night! Yeah top win. No, didn’t really think we’d lose. Yeah, home ground advantage is massive at Geelong. No, wasn’t too nervous. I knew our old wise heads would prevail. (Fist pump). You beauty! Just a bit too steady for the Dockers. Don’t really rate them as the Premiers this year. Prefer others!


We are Geelong…………………………

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  1. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Superb Dips and yep haven’t we all done , EXACTLY as you did and supposedly thought ( as honest as James Hird ) at some stage also ! Thanks Dips

  2. Good reflection of the many rationalisations of the footy fan, Dips. I enjoyed the game a lot, but to my eye Freo takes a lot more out of it.
    Their “attack of the killer bees” swarming pressure was back for the first time in months. They have lots of injury worries and doubts up forward, but they are the team everyone would least like to play in Week 1 of the finals.
    I love watching Motlop, but he can’t run out pressure games. Went totally missing when they need him most. Also Stokes and Christiansen, but at least they put in.
    Not a good look just out from finals.
    And T.Varcoe has been no good for 2 years, since injuries and being christened as JTH’s love child. Time to cut the cord?

  3. Thanks RB – I thought I was the only lunatic who goes through waves of irrational thought.

    Agree PB – Freo probably got more out of the game. Is footy the only game where the loser can get more out of the game? You’re a bit harsh on Motlop and Christensen, neither of whom had a pre-season. Both are getting better each week. Stokes has had a mighty season.

  4. David Zampatti says

    Yep, that’s pretty how it was in reverse as well. There was a funny kind of calm as Dave Mundy was lining up for the after-the-siren shot; if he nails it, we get to go nuts, if he doesn’t, it’s been the third-best performance by the visitors at Kardinia Park since – when is it – 1943 or so.

    Get it or miss it, the result is much the same. That is, unless you’re Damien Barrett, who saw the loss as both the irreversible end of Freo’s 2014 flag chances and symptomatic of a deep,permanent malaise at the Dockers. When Garry Lyon suggested that if Mundy had sunk his shot, none of the above would apply, though, he agreed. I guess that’s the one metre news cycle in action.

  5. Sean Gorman says

    The next time Im in town at a Knacker function Dippy too dar day you owe me a beer.

  6. Look forward to it Gormy. When’s it likely to be?

  7. sean gorman says

    Sooner than you know my little whiskery mate.

  8. Glen Potter says

    Q: What would Ross Lyon have said after the match if he coached the Cats?
    A: It is what it is. We’re happy to bank the 4 points.
    I’m happy to take the win. As much as our Cats have conceded winning advantages, they rarely have lost this season. Let’s break Carlton, Hawthorn and Brisbane early in the next three weeks and let them ease back to within 2 or 3 goals of us. There should then be no interstate journey for the Pivots.

  9. Luke Reynolds says

    Great stuff Dips. Reckon another beer may have been needed whether Mundy’s kick missed or went through. Fantastic game to watch on TV as a neutral.

  10. Good to see Nat Fyfe got off at the MRP. That wasn’t a 2 week suspension he copped earlier in the season. Just payment in advance.

  11. I thought Lyon’s presser afterwards was up there for Mick Malthouse-like arrogance and contempt of the concept. Or was that just me?

  12. Agree Gus. The smirk is hiding his inner rage.

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