AFL Round 2 – Sydney v Collingwood

What a long wait for another game after the Round 1 loss to Fremantle, which from memory was staged just after the Boxing Day Test. A loss of that magnitude leaves a horrible aftertaste. You want your team to be back out on the park as soon as possible. As the Sydney lead hits 23 points early in the second term, I’m thinking a long break between watching games is maybe a good thing. It’s a typically ugly game played on Sydney’s terms. At Sydney’s version of Waverley/Football Park where, as the diminishing attendances at this venue for this clash attests, is an unloved venue that probably only Mike Fitzpatrick is happy matches are still being played at.
My 6 and nearly 4 year old boys, watching the game on TV alongside me, grow increasingly jubilant as the Pies claw their way back into the game. A Travis Cloke snap from the boundary has them jumping up and down on the couch and high fives all round. My work is done.
Moments later Cloke marks 25 out in front. The 6 year old asks if Cloke will do the same type of snap kick. After he misses (of course) my reply is “he should have”. A Scott Pendlebury goal gets Collingwood closer. Younger brother Josh loves Scott Pendlebury (like his Dad) and thinks he kicks “all the goals”.
Our new captain was very quiet early on but is now stamping his influence. A cheap shot, behind the play, to the solar plexus by new Swan ruckman Derickx only slows Pendles down briefly. Sinclair is given a goal after a review. What the AFL thinks it can see from front on cameras for goal line decisions is beyond me. The second half is glorious, old style Collingwood.The Cooollllinnnngggwoooood chant goes up by the Magpie fans at the stadium. It sounds good through the TV. Better than listening to Channel 7’s horrible commentary team. Elliot, Cloke and Goldsack kick goals. Frost does a more than capable job on Franklin, who normally kicks 7 or more against us every time he plays the black & white. Brodie Grundy is raw but as good a ruck prospect as Collingwood has had since Damian Monkhorst. We need to be patient with him. Nick Maxwell, allowed to play loose in the backline, is back to his best. For mine his 2012 season was the best of his career. And his 2013 probably his worst. A poor Round 1 and his career is questioned. I’m thrilled this great leader (still, even if not officially) has performed in his big milestone game.
Josh is in bed at 3/4 time. We record the final term for him and he enjoys every minute of it on Sunday morning. 6 year old Gavin watches right until the end. We celebrate every goal. And the greatness of Scott Pendlebury. 30 touches in the last three quarters. If there was any doubt about his captaincy credentials, there aren’t any now. He led the team to victory with his on field deeds. As good a game as the number 10 has played. From my time watching the black and white, from Tony Shaw onwards, Collingwood doesn’t get it’s captain wrong. Pendles will be a great leader. As was Maxi.
Sydney will get better. Players out and Buddy will fit in better as they go along. Jetta is electrifying when he gets the ball. Kennedy and Hannebery are tough, quality players who I enjoy watching. But so will the Pies. Swan will get fitter and better. White was very ordinary and will surely improve. The likes of Seedsman, Fasolo and Keefe will return.
From thinking our season was all but over in the the second quarter to the joy of winning a tough interstate game. It finally feels like footy season.

SYDNEY 3.1 7.2 9.7 10.9 (69) lost to
COLLINGWOOD 1.2 5.5 9.10 12.17 (89)

SYDNEY: Franklin 2, McGlynn, Hannebery, Jetta, Rampe, Cunningham, Reid, Pyke Malceski
COLLINGWOOD: Elliot 3, Cloke 2, Goldsack 2, Pendlebury, Swan, Sinclair, Young, Beams

SYDNEY: Hannebery, Kennedy, McGlynn, Mitchell, Pyke, McVeigh
COLLINGWOOD: Pendlebury, Maxwell, Beams, Frost, Grundy, Young, Elliot, Lumumba

UMPIRES: Rosebury, Foot, Farmer

CROWD: 32,347 at ANZ Stadium

3. Scott Pendlebury (Collingwood)
2. Nick Maxwell (Collingwood)
1. Dan Hannebury (Sydney)

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  1. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Good summary Luke as a non pies man was rapt how well Maxwell played I can’t believe some of the crap he cops sheer fact is he would be captain of the majority of the clubs in the comp . Love how you have educated ( brainwashed) your boys .
    I really like Elliott has the x factor . Grundy will make plenty of recruiters look like baboons in time . Sydney are a question mark whether damage has been done to the bloods culture only time will tell , huge game for them this week

  2. Luke Reynolds says

    Thanks Malcolm, none of my (mainly Geelong and Essendon supporting) mates rate Maxwell at all. But they haven’t watched Collingwood every week during his career.
    Many hours have gone into ‘educating’ my boys. All that hard work is really starting to pay off!

  3. Luke- you must be pleased that Collingwood continues to perform impressively interstate, and especially at the Olympic Stadium. Link this to lots of MCG games and I reckon you’ll play finals again.
    Thanks for the report.

  4. Your work is done, is it? Mate, let’s see how they go enduring the Colliwobbles. If your boys can come through that then maybe, just maybe, it might be done.

    Thanks for the entertaining read Luke and a got a big laugh out of the my work is done stuff.

  5. Luke Reynolds says

    Thanks Mickey. Always love watching the Pies play interstate, many great wins.

    Haha T Bone, there will always be plenty of upkeep work, especially during lean times. Have established a string base though!

  6. Luke Reynolds says

    *strong* not string

  7. E.regnans says

    Love it, Luke.
    Is Gavin interested in working as T. Cloke’s goalkicking coach?

  8. DBalassone says

    Keep up the good work ‘educating’ your boys! Agreed on White, surely he will improve. Bloody happy to win this game, but geez both sides looked ordinary at times. Lingy the boundary rider said the conditions were fine, so I can’t understand why so many unforced errors occured. Is Sinclair up to scratch? His run is good, but a bit worried about his disposal, not just by foot, but by hand – can’t seem to hit a moving target with his handball.

  9. Luke Reynolds says

    Thanks David and Damian. Gavin could work wonders for T.Cloke with his all snaps and banana kicks theory. Want to like Sinclair Damian but you are right about his disposal. Needs big improvement in that area.

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