AFL Round 2- Collingwood v Carlton: I could have (should have) barracked for Carlton

The build up to a Collingwood v Carlton clash is always huge. The Bucks/Eddie/Grumpy Mick angle has added another dimension to this clash. There’s plenty of tension in my family too. Instigated in the late 1990s was a lifetime bet of a six pack of Premium Tasmanian Lager between myself and my Carlton supporting Uncle Dean on every Pies v Blues clash. Last season really hurt losing twice to the Bluebaggers. But it could have all been so much different.

My late grandfather was a staunch Carlton man. He had 3 sons. Two of them are also of the old dark navy blue persuasion. I believe strongly in children barracking for the same team as their parents. It’s what strong families are built upon. The non-conforming son was of course my father. The black (& white) sheep of the family. As a young boy my father, the oldest of the Reynolds children, inexplicably became an Essendon supporter. I have never heard a proper reason for this, I think he just likes being different. A chance encounter with Des Tuddenham in his early teens ended with my father asking the Collingwood star for his autograph. Des complied on the condition that the young man take up supporting the Pies. My father, a man of strong resolve and unwavering principles agreed immediately and became a Pies man. Didn’t take much.

Even though my father isn’t hugely into the game at the highest level I did what all good sons should do. I followed my old man’s team despite the efforts of my grandfather to turn me into a Blue. He tried hard too, I remember sitting on his knee watching a State of Origin game in the mid 80s and him only pointing out the Carlton players. Apart from buying me a Collingwood jumper the old man didn’t try too hard. But I stuck with the black and white even through a tough 1987 season where we finished 12th and Carlton won the flag. Sometimes I thought it would be nice to follow the same team as my Pop, my uncles and my cousins. But once you have Black and White blood going through your veins there is no turning back. Losses to the arch enemy became unbearable, I remember being inconsolable after losing a final to the Lygon St Limbos in 1988 as a 9 year old.

While we are hot favourites for this Round 2 clash, I am nervous before the game, Collingwood v Carlton games don’t always go to plan. Andrew Walker kicks the first three goals of the match and I’m very worried. We come back and lead by 3 points at quarter time and you just know this will be an epic battle. Chris Yarran turns it on in the second quarter and we are 10 points down at half time. Small forwards have been our nemesis the last couple of seasons, especially against the Blues.

Still 10 points down at 3/4 time and I’m not sure we can get up. Pendles is being well held, Swanny hasn’t done much and Jolly is gone for the match. The Q-Stick is competing well in the ruck though and in doing so is quickly becoming a favourite of the Collingwood army. But he looks spent. A great last quarter where the Pies kick 7.5 to 3.2 sees us at 2-0 after 2 rounds. Pendles has a great last quarter. Elliott kicks five for the match, a lot to like about the strong marking, strong tackling forward pocket. Sam Dwyer is brilliant in his first full game, possibly the recruit of the year. And if Q.Lynch never does anything else in a Collingwood jumper I will remember him fondly for his Herculean efforts in this game. My wife will remember him fondly for his ripped physique. Marty Clarke played probably his best game since returning from the Emerald Isle. Blairy is superb again. And Harry O conflicts me as much as usual.

What a great feeling to beat our biggest rivals. Life is a joy for the next week, unlike the despair that followed the two losses last season. And I get a six-pack of Premium Tasmanian Lager. Looking forward to my weekly visit to Uncle Deano. I’m so glad I barrack for Collingwood. Thanks Des Tuddenham. My two young boys aged 5 and 2 are already staunch Pies fans. They’ve been schooled in the ways of Bucks, Daics, Eddie and Pendles. And how Swanny was robbed of the 2010 Brownlow Medal by the evil Chris Judd.  Barracking for the same team as their old man. How it’s meant to be.

Bucks 1, Grumpy Mick 0.

COLLINGWOOD      3.3  5.5  10.10  17.15    117

CARLTON                 3.0  7.3  12.8   15.10    100



Collingwood: Elliot 5, Sinclair, Blair, Pendlebury 2, Swan, Clarke, Shaw, Dwyer, Goldsack, Sidebottom 1.

Carlton: Walker, Yarran, Garlett 3, Henderson, Simpson, Lucas, Murphy, Bell, Rowe 1.


Collingwood: Elliot, Dwyer, Lynch, Shaw, Clarke, Brown, Blair, Pendlebury

Carlton: Yarran, Murphy, Garlett, Kruezer, Carazzo, Judd

Umpires: McInerney, Meredith, Jeffery

Crowd: 84,247 at the MCG

Votes: 3. Elliot (Coll)  2. Dwyer (Coll)  1. Yarran (Carl)


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  1. Peter Zitterschlager says

    Bloody great Luke. All that family stuff warmed this piece. It ate like a home made pie.

  2. Beers ……..ready for the drinking !

  3. Having met Tuddy I’d go along with anything he told me as well.

    One of my older brothers briefly flirted with the Navy Blue in his rebellious teenage years. He realised getting no dinner would stunt his growth. Hates being reminded!

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