AFL Round 19: Pies lift their game but I need to lift mine

By Josh Barnstable
After looking forward to watching the Hawthorn v St Kilda game, I was shocked to find that the game was being broadcast live so I had missed an hour of the match. Disappointed, I looked towards the Crows and Pies to show me some good footy.
The first quarter begins and Alan Didak provides the highlight of the match early with a snap over his shoulder from near the boundary to open the scores. Jack Anthony, with jet black hair after what I’m guessing was a major stuff-up with his hair last week, goals on the run from outside 50. The Magpies are on tonight. But the Crows kick the last goals of the quarter through Brett Burton and Chris Knights to trail by a point at quarter-time, 2.4 to 2.5.

The second quarter begins and Kurt Tippett kicks Adelaide’s third in a row to give them the lead by 5 points. The Pies reply through Cam Wood but trail the inaccurate Crows by 3 points at half time, 3.7 to 3.10. I start to wonder if the Crows are making the same mistake the Bulldogs did earlier in the day with their woeful kicking.

The third quarter starts and goals to Knights after a shocking turnover by Alan Toovey and Jason Porplyzia after a smother and good follow up work see the Crows leading by 15 points in a low scoring match and it seems it may be a match-winning lead. The Pies blitz Adelaide though, with Chris Dawes marking and kicking a goal to cut the margin to 9 points. Dawes is an imposing figure; he is one I would not like to meet in a dark alleyway. Porplyzia kicks his second of the quarter to take the margin back out to 15 points before the Pies respond with two goals to Cloke and Anthony each to give Collingwood a lead of 6 points at three quarter time, 8.7 to 6.13. Simon Goodwin is on 31 disposals for the Crows while Dane Swan is continuing his perfect season with 23 possessions.

The final quarter begins and Didak goals from the goalsquare to give Collingwood a 12 point lead. Andrew McLeod capitalizes on some great work by Tippett, kicking a goal on the run to reduce the margin to a goal. Brad Dick marks and goals to give the Pies some breathing space though, and celebrates by clapping. Neon would be disappointed. Brad Symes goals on the run and brings the home crowd to their feet, they trail by 9 points. Dawes goals after some brilliant work in the midfield by skipper Nick Maxwell before Porplyzia keeps the Crows in it with his third. The Pies run away with it though, Dale Thomas and Wood kicking goals to give the Maggies a convincing 21 point win, 13.11 (89) to 9.14 (68).

After the Western Bulldogs loss, the Pies now jump into third position and will most likely play Geelong in the first week of the finals, and on current Geelong form you would think the Pies will win. The Crows loss saw many plus sides coming out. They proved they can handle the pressure against top sides, Tippett and Porplyzia are in good goalkicking form while Burton is nearing top form once again.

After being informed that the Brisbane and Essendon game was a draw, I lament my poor tipping for the round. 0 from 5, I need to lift my game.

Adelaide 2.4—3.10—6.13—9.14 (68)
Collingwood 2.5—3.7—8.7—13.11 (89)


Adelaide-Porplyzia 3, Knights 2, Tippett, McLeod, Burton, Symes

Collingwood-Anthony 3, Didak 2, Wood 2, Dawes 2, Cloke 2, Thomas, Dick


Adelaide-Symes, Goodwin, Porplyzia, Vince

Collingwood-Didak, Wood, Swan, Anthony, Maxwell


45,128 at AAMI Stadium


3: Alan Didak (COLL)
2: Cameron Wood (COLL)
1: Brad Symes (ADEL)


  1. lol
    i WOULD LOVE to meet Dawes in a dark alleyway, providng he brings Nathan Brown with him!

  2. Josh Barnstable says

    Then Toovey will rock up! Something he wasn’t invited too! haha :)

  3. mmm..i wouldnt mind that…how much damage could i cause in 5 minutes??

  4. Steve Healy says

    Hahah another mention of the Toovey mistake. Don’t you get a point for tipping a draw? You do in Optus Footy tipping. Are you gonna do a report on North Melbourne V Melbourne?

  5. Josh Barnstable says

    Well in our footy tipping system at home we include draws as a correct tip but for the radio tipping, it’s 0 because i didn’t pick an actual draw, i picked Brisbane. And no, the game wasn’t on free-to-air TV but i did listen to it. It sounded good after the first quarter :)

  6. Steve Healy says

    Did you hear the commentators say: “GIBSON HAS KICKED IT THE WRONG WAY! WHAT AN IDIOT!” hahaha. Footy Tipping at home? I could never set up a footy tipping comp in my house.

  7. As if Superman wasnt included in the your best players votes!! IM SO OFFENDED!!

    Mitch Brown (Nathan’s twin) is the AFL Rising Star nominee for Round 19!!
    YAYYYY :) :) :) :)
    hes so cute, but not as pretty as his Bro!

  9. Steve Healy says

    They look very similiar apart from hair colour. Danielle, he did best on ground votes in prettiest on ground votes.

  10. Steve Healy says

    I mean not prettiest on ground votes

  11. what do you mean NOT prettiest on ground??

  12. Josh Barnstable says

    OMG Steve your missing out. Footy tipping at home is what brings our family together. We even include our dog and cats in the tipping (for the dog we always pick the Western Bulldogs and never the Lions, Cats or Tigers) while the cat’s tips are always Geelong, Richmond and Brisbane but never the Doggies and the Crows (we have a bad Crow problem at the moment) its good fun!

  13. LMAO at Josh’s Kitty footy tipping!!
    haha little Linggy!

  14. Steve Healy says

    Hahah thats clever. Nah it’s just that there’s a few people in my family who don’t like footy. There’s a couple who do but not anywhere near as much as I do. No one would agree to it.

  15. Steve Healy says

    You mean Batey Danielle.

  16. Damian Watson says


    How many did you tip correctly this round? I only got 4!
    Is Crackers light years ahead of you or are you ahead of him on the radio tipping?


  17. Josh Barnstable says

    I think we are about even Damo. Usually he copies my tips so i have to pull out a different tip like a few weeks ago where i decided to go for Melbourne against the Swans even though i planned on picking the Swans. I suppose you can’t blame me for trying to pick an upset. I picked Freo this week :) My mum isn’t THAT into footy but still she knows a thing or two. She tells me all about the players in their tighty-wighty shorts and their “adorable” mustaches. She had the biggest crush on David Cloke, a bit like Danielle with Nathan Brown :) In the footy tipping she doesn’t do too well, her highest for the year is 6 and other then that she scores about 2-3 a week because she always picks Melbourne against St Kilda, Richmond against Geelong etc.

  18. Josh Barnstable says

    Sorry Damo i completely ignored your question, i picked 2 this round :(

  19. ..i wish those shorts would comeback
    lmao the Cloke men are real players, especially Cameron hes such a heartbreaker!!!

  20. Josh Barnstable says

    Except Jason Cloke. He was a failure! Haha, Cameron isn’t the best but Travis is the best Cloke. By the way im talking about their playing ability, not looks! :)

  21. yer..i remember the other teams fans used to give it to Jason bigtime. i felt so bad for him. in a way Collingwood used him and Cameron just to get Travis. you know how im obsessed with Nathan, i was even worse with Cameron!

  22. Josh Barnstable says

    Im just wondering Danielle, who do you think is the ugliest player in the AFL?

  23. ohh thats EASY
    Fevola by a MILE.
    as soon as i see him the word:”EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW” automatically comes out!

  24. Josh Barnstable says

    Ohh true true :)

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