AFL Round 19 – Melbourne v Brisbane: Futures So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades

The Timbuk3 classic from 86 was a witty commentary about nuclear warfare, but on Sunday afternoon it somehow popped into my head at about 4pm while I was watching the mighty Lion Cubs steamroll the Paul Roos Demons. I had a smile and a rather large chuckle at the irony of Leppa’s Lions winning as this time last year Paul Roos decided that the list at the Demons was a better prospect than at the Lions. Leppa was the second choice, but has he proven to be good. The team is buying into him. The future is looking good. Some smart recruiting has proven beneficial and for the last 2 weeks has thoroughly entertained this supporter. We have beaten the 2 teams with lists as young as ours and have leapt into the same wins and losses as the Bulldogs and Carlton. People in Melbourne are starting to look at our team; my god Rockcliff is being mentioned in All Australian selection, Hanley must be close as well. We have had no one since Browny.

Sitting at home watching the first 3 quarters was extremely hard to do, it was a torture test for the spectators, commentators , coaches and players, but coming from my perspective where it’s like the good old days where I used to love watching the under 19’s and then the reserves to see what the future holds (who remembers those days, truly glorious times), here we are able to watch a reserves game on TV, imagine if Dennis Pagan and Slug Jordan were coaching both teams and you could walk on and hear the quarter time address. Kingy would have to have the beep button on permanently. I viewed this as the reserves game before the big one at the MCG and loved it. There were heaps of mistakes, turnovers, clangers but you could see they were trying their guts out. They can’t match it with the big boys yet, but you can see they will.

I think next Sunday I’ll wear the shades to the game (I have to it’s at 1.10pm in Brisbane, and for all you cold people in Melbourne: No Jumper required.)



  1. Are you a Magpies or Lions man first? Either way a grand Sunday arvo.
    I am reliably informed that gloves are compulsory in Queensland winters.

  2. qldpies35 says

    Hey Peter, I was born and bred in Melbourne and have been a pies supporter since 1972, but having moved up here since 1988 I have fallen in love with the Lions, am a member and follow them passionately except when they play the pies. My wife and 19 year old daughter love the Lions and I have over the last 5 years really seen them as my team up here. i hated what they did when they got Fevola, but love what they are doing now. Think leppa and the kids are awesome and they have really got me loving the team. I look forward to seeing them play. i don’t care about the winning yet, it will come but truly believe that for AFL to grow up here you need the team to grow together, it happened from about 1998 up here and Geelong and Hawthorn have done it over the last 10 years.

  3. Are you implying reliability and JTH go together? Remember he turned his back on Qld which is something that no true Queenslander could do. Even allowing for place of birth, there is still something wrong about reverse migration.

    (Tongue firmly in cheek. This is from someone who lived overseas for more than ten years and could be seen as hypocritical, although I did take quite a lot of Qld baggage with me…)

  4. Peter Fuller says

    With a glance in the direction of the post debating the Docklands roof and the sun’s adverse impact on players, umpires and spectators (at the ground and in the lounge room), how will everyone cope with the winter sun at the Gabba on Sunday?

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