AFL Round 19 – GWS Giants v Melbourne: There’s a big BIG sound!

At the 17 minute mark of the final quarter my 6 year old son turns to his mum and me, pointing out to the field, and rather emphatically states, “THAT’S why I want the number 18 on my jumper.” (Up until the last couple of weeks he’s always gone after the number 9 when they hand out the jumpers at Auskick but he’s kicked a few goals and now sees himself up forward.)

He also says somewhat pointedly “We don’t need Buddy Franklin.” I hope the club listens to him.

Jezza Cameron has just snagged an errant Melbourne kick, wheeled around, then danced around an opponent and gone BANG from 55 out to put us 30 points up. He hasn’t had his best game today. He’s still kicked four and momentarily joins the pointy end of the Colman race.

I was worried about today. We rarely string two good games together (this would have to be number three); we fade badly in fourth quarters; and Melbourne can’t possibly be as bad as they were last week. When they kicked 4 of the last 5 in the third to close the gap at the final change I thought “oh no, not again.”

I needn’t have worried – and after we kicked 4 of the first 5 in the last, I wasn’t. I just soaked it up. So did the rest of the crowd. So did the boys. When Captain Courageous Callan Ward snapped his fourth 28 minutes in, his usual steely resolve collapsed and he bounced towards us in the members reserve pumping his arms, in full on celebration.

It was a good day all around. Weather was great, crowd was big (bigger than the official 8,305 I would have thought) and for the first time there was way more orange than not. Must have been a good snow day.

The crowd was bigger than it has been, with less traveling supporters padding the numbers. That means there were more Giants fans in the stadium than ever before. Good signs.

We started pretty evenly but pulled away late in the first and were never seriously challenged after that. Ward was outstanding. Scully was everywhere and the blanket that is Mark Whiley took his third scalp in three weeks. First Heppel, then Pendlebury and this week he took Colin Sylvia out of the game.

Lachie Whitfield came back into the side and showed again why we took him number one in the draft. That kid is all class.

We lost a very good player in Jonathan Patton earlier this year, but the silver lining out of that grey cloud was Zac Williams being promoted off our rookie list. This boy can seriously play. At the moment he is down back but his silky skills could let him play anywhere except the ruck.

Josh Bruce is keeping the more experienced Stephen Gillham out of the side and on today’s efforts it will be another week in the NEAFL for the ex-Hawk.

We’ve played pretty well in four of the last five games. Sydney now seems more of an aberration. Once again, we were even across the park and more fluid together. The run through the middle and they’re learning to switch effectively.

We ran this one out and were duly rewarded for all the hard work and effort. When we start doing that on a more regular basis, everyone will get used to listening to the best of Russian Polka music.

There’s a big, BIG, sound from the West of this town.

Votes to firm of Ward, Whitfield & Williams.

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  1. Peter Fuller says

    Well done, Steve. You, Pamela and Richard – as well as other Almanackers, I may not have remembered – richly deserve days like yesterday. You also can reasonably expect that there will be more celebrations in the future.
    I guess with your profile, that this has been a shining light in a pretty bad weekend, although the Brumbies did themselves proud, given the task their travel schedule imposed.

  2. Richard Naco says

    I have to back out of the warm congratulatory glow, Peter. The other three deserve full respect for their commitment to The Cause, but my heart ended up over ruling my head and I am firmly feline once more (said he, wearing a Giants hoody as he types this). My head believes that the Giants are a club with infinite potential, but my heart will forever more truly lie with that small enigma of a club from country Victoria, with its irresistible allure for poets, scribes and romantic dreamers.

    I loved and hated this game. Loved the fact that the bravest & boldest of sporting ventures got to sing their wonderful and passionate anthem after a game this year, although this season has been a roaring success even without the win as GWS has had almost every established team in some sort of serious trouble in their games this season. The Giants have grown significantly before our eyes through this season, and ticks in the W column are not necessary for any but the truly most parochial of opposition supporters to see that.

    But I also hate to see the Melbourne Football Club in such a gawdawful mess. I don’t care what the rationale is, or whose fault this may be, but the traditionalist in me has a soft side for the Senior Club of our great sport and I would be far far happier if their present at least reflected some small element of their oh so glorious past.

    GWS will be bigger than Collingwood (and therefore, than every other club) within a decade or two, so we all need to get our cheap shots in now before the Giant gets to its feet and stomps the rest of the AFL flat. And it will, believe me, it will.

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