AFL Round 19 – Collingwood v Essendon: Pies versus Pincushions

Floreat Pica – Danny Roach Votes – R19 Pies versus Pincushions

What an outstanding win, probably our best four quarter effort for the season. After our two most recent ordinary outings, I had no idea what to expect today/tonight.

But we had all our weapons firing today and put the game beyond doubt by quarter time.

“Bad” Harry was up and about and injected his enthusiasm on the contest early to set the scene.

Surprisingly we out-blitzed them on the AOD (Acts Of Desperation) scale with a 2010’esque frenzy of tackling and forward pressure – Heater’s perfect tackle on Goddard in the 2nd quarter was an awesome illustration of our intensity.

We even took a leaf out of the Bombers’ game plan with a relentless attack through the corridor as we decided to shoot up the guts quickly into Reid and Cloke territory.

As Hirdy strode out to the quarter time huddle – looking very svelte, trim and tanned, by the way – I wondered if he had a pep talk that might turn the tide of momentum back their way.

But it was not to be for the Pincushions. The Pies side was full of substance today/tonight and continued with a four quarter blitz of one of our great enemies.

It’s a tough gig to give the Danny votes after such a great win and team effort and some of you might think I’m on drugs with these, but here goes;

3- Sinkers – When it looked like we might keep them goalless for the whole game, up steps Sinkers with a meaningless behind-the-play free kick to gift them their first goal and give them a sniff. When he played the role of stepladder late in the 3rd quarter for the mark of the day – right in front of me – that sealed his fate.

2- Goldy – As they say in modern day footy, he helped our structures by going into defence. Some good desperate efforts but didn’t get a lot of the footy – subbed off early in the last.

1- Dwyer – I like the kid a lot, but he deserved a vote just for that woeful attempted torp on the quarter time siren.

Go Pies, Side by Side, Floreat Pica.

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  1. I would have supplemented your account with a few more needles Ramon, but we wouldn’t want to overdose, would we? Was great to see the Pies put on such a clinic.

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  3. Boom tish, JD – love it. Great additive to the conversation!

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