AFL Round 19 – Collingwood v Port Adelaide (FPS): Magpies finally secure the win after a long drought

Floreat Pica

If a week is a long time in football, 35 days is an eternity. It was 35 days ago, on a freezing Sunday night that we last heard “Good Old Collingwood Forever” at the conclusion of an AFL game.  It was 330 days since Port Adelaide turfed the Pies out in week one of the 2013 AFL finals. Seems like yesterday.

Port are back to face us at the ‘G. I make it inside the ground just in time to applaud our great former leader Nick Maxwell on his farewell lap of the ground. The game starts and Port get the first goal quickly through Hamish Hartlett. My thoughts straight away go back to that fateful night in September 2013. But Collingwood dominate the first quarter. Goals to Cloke and Beams. The Power don’t score again after that early goal. Beams and Pendlebury dominate early. Tony Armstrong makes his debut as the 1116th senior Magpie. Shows a bit in the first quarter too. I wrote him off after seeing him play in the VFL. We should be further in front at the first break.

¼ Time Collingwood  2.3.15  lead Port Adelaide  1.0.6

Just like the first quarter, Port get the first goal of the second. Blair, Broomhead and Elliot all goal. Finally some reward for our control of the game. Cloke kicks another in between 3 Power goals including one that bounces past a wrestling Schulz and Jack Frost with only seconds left.  The lead has been cut back to 5 points, more wasted Collingwood chances to be rued. Port have the momentum and it wouldn’t surprise to see them run over us in the second half.

½ time Collingwood 6.6.42  lead Port Adelaide 5.7.37

Once again Port get the first goal of the quarter and hit the front. The game opens up in the third quarter and the lead changes several times. Broomhead kicks his second and looks to have a bit of class. Sidebottom plays a wonderful term of footy, running hard all over the ground. His goal on the run near the forward pocket at the Punt Rd end lifts the crowd, and the team. If only we could stop Hartlett who is kicking goals and getting plenty of the ball. At least Macaffer has Boak well held.

¾ time Collingwood 9.7.61  lead Port Adelaide  8.8.56

Ben Reid subbed off.  Like another injury-prone B.Reid (cricketer Bruce), thoughts of injury are the first thing that come to mind when he goes off, especially after landing heavily after a marking collision late in the 3rd term. But he has struggled to have any impact. It’s a relief to later find out he’s not injured. Once again Port hit the front after kicking the first of a quarter. Do we go to sleep during the breaks? A strong mark by Cloke who has Alipate Carlile all over him results in a goal and a return to the lead. The man of Steele, who has played a heroic second half, kicks another. Several more shots, all missing, nudge the lead out to 14 points. Port make a final charge but also can’t convert. A late Power goal with only seconds left reduces the final margin to 6 points. What a relief. Almost forgot how good it is to win. A largely unattractive, error ridden game, but we’re back on the winners list. Back in the 8. The chant was back. Even though there were only 32,804 of us there. It still sounded great. Maybe because it’s been a while.  Wonder how many were there on free tickets?

Final score Collingwood 11.10.76 def. Port Adelaide 10.10.70

Several positives. While Sidebottom, Beams, Cloke and Pendles were all good, I liked the games of Adams (less skill errors than usual), Dwyer and Fasolo. Frost and Macaffer fantastic in their defensive roles. Goldsack and Blair were much better. Broomhead impresses. Armstrong was really good, used the ball well, made good decisions and has a turn of pace. And we won. For the first time since June I’ve enjoyed talking footy on a Monday.


  1. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Good summary Floreat pica , it was a game full of errors but intense as a neutral at the game I was disappointed in the standard and the 1st time I have actually thought it would be good to have 2 or 3 players have vests on and keep them in a set region to compensate for the flooding of both sides
    Hope you enjoyed the ad ini fc , footy almanac lunch floreat pica ? Thank you

  2. Just wondering about the title. “Port Adelaide (FPS)”?
    I assume it stands for “F’in Port Scum’. We use much the same terminology over here in Perth for the port dwellers.

  3. FPS – Floreat Pica Society or “Failed Port Supporters”?
    The second could be a bit harsh, they didn’t fail us, they tried their guts out, just couldn’t get the choccies.

    I do however lament the absence of enough natural footballers in Port’s team. Those blokes who know where to run and then get the ball. Know where to put it and then put it there.

    Power Unplugged? I don’t want to believe it, but it could be true. Plug em back in Kenny!

    Thanks for the report FPS. It was unattractive footy. Perhaps because of good opposition pressure around the ground and the players feeling pressure even when it wasn’t there. Broomhead worth a mention just because of his name and that he looks a likely player as well.

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