AFL Round 17: Magpies look like Grand Final material

By Josh Barnstable
Rivalry Round, and what a way to kick off a ripper round of footy. The biggest rivalry in footy, the Blues and the Magpies, head to head on a chilly night at the MCG. I’m surprised to see the Pies not wearing their clash guernsey, with the white-strip really making things nostalgic and would make the game even more ’70s- like, especially with the inclusion of Jaxson Barham, who closely resembles some sort of figure from the ’70s.

It’s Barham who impresses me early, kicking a great running goal to start proceedings. Dale Thomas goals from long range to extend the margin out to 14 points before Eddie Betts crumbs the remains of a Heath Shaw earthquake that hit a couple of Carlton defenders. Jack Anthony marks and goals with the checkside before Leon Davis provides the Goal of the Year. After receiving from Tarkyn Lockyer, Neon has no room to move so he chucks the ball onto his boot and watches it bounce on end through for a goal, taking the margin out to 19 points. A late goal to Chris Dawes, playing his second game of the year, and the Pies have an impressive 23-point lead at quarter-time, 5.4 to 1.5. Scott Pendlebury is one of a couple of Magpies to have 12 touches while Heath Scotland has 8 possessions for the Blues.

The second quarter begins and it’s Neon who snaps a superb goal that almost reached the heights of his previous goal, almost being the crucial word. Travis Cloke snaps from a massive pack of players and goals before Betts kicks his second to cut the margin to 27 points at half time, 2.9 to 7.6. Dane Swan is on 18 disposals for Collingwood while Scotland is up to 20 for Carlton.

The third quarter starts and Greg Bentley goals from long range on the run for the first goal of the quarter after 18 minutes. Dayne Beams replies for the Pies to take the margin out to 25 points at the last change, 8.8 (56) to an inaccurate 3.13 (31).

The final quarter finally sees the game open up for the first time since the first quarter, with the Pies kicking the first three goals through Alan Didak in his 150th after a great run along the half-forward line, Alan Toovey on the run and Davis, who snaps his third goal. Brendan Fevola snaps his first of the night, Carlton’s fourth, but the Pies go away with it, kicking the final three goals through Tarkyn Lockyer, Beams and Swan. Collingwood run out winners by 54 points in a disappointing game of football, 14.10 (94) to 4.16 (40). Swan finished on 38 possessions while Scotland staked his claim to keep his spot with 32 touches for the Blues.

After tonight, I’m even more impressed by the Pies. I think they have what it takes to make the Grand Final; they just need Cloke firing, the midfield to continue its amazing form and the massive burden of Anthony Rocca to be gone from the Lexus Centre.

After kicking 14 goals in the past two games, Fevola failed to fire tonight but still provided some worthy highlights. In the first quarter he marked with one arm on the lead, but hit the post from his shot on goal. Then just before quarter-time, the goal umpire with the iron foot stood on Fev’s foot, bringing the big, burly forward to his knees. He seemed hampered by this small injury, but still tried hard which is good. On his form alone, the Blues will make the finals. But if they dish out performances like this, they will be the laughing stock of the top eight, something my North Melbourne have been for the past few years and it’s not pretty.

Carlton 1.5—2.9—3.13—4.16.40
Collingwood 5.4—7.6—8.8—14.10.94


Carlton-Betts 2, Bentley, Fevola

Collingwood-Davis 3, Beams 2, Barham, Anthony, Cloke, Toovey, Swan, Didak, Lockyer, Dawes, Thomas


Carlton-Scotland, Thornton, Gibbs

Collingwood-Davis, Swan, Pendlebury, Barham, Cloke, Beams, Shaw, Prestigiacomo, Lockyer


84,938 at the MCG


3: Leon Neon Davis (COLL)
2: Dane Swan (COLL)
1: Scott Pendlebury (COLL)


  1. Danielle says

    Awesome work!
    Barham would look like a scruffy version of Nick Jonas if he shaved. they both have cute curly hair!
    I like Barham, there something about him…
    Danni :)

  2. Damian Watson says

    I mentioned in my report the Jaxon Barham looks like his father who was a Collingwood champion in the 70’s, I also think he might become a great player in the future.

    I also think Collingwood has what it takes to reach the Grand Final although they would have to play at their peak right throughout the finals and create a couple of upsets.

  3. Josh Barnstable says

    And once Collingwood get to the Grand Final, it’ll be another 15 goal shellacking by St Kilda. Isn’t that right Danielle? :)

  4. Danielle says

    ..Josh you should know,
    waving a red flag infront of a TAURUS sint the right thing to do okay?

  5. Josh Barnstable says

    Hey your lucky i think Collingwood can make the Grand Final in the first place! You should be very used to losing them by now anyway :p. Nah if Collingwood and St Kilda made it, the Pies would do a lot better this time round but the Saints would be too strong in the end. Who knows, maybe a Saint defeat is on the cards for the Granny?

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