AFL Round 17 – Essendon v Collingwood: Pies have a Barry Crocker/Sav Rocca

written by Paul “Stork” O’Connell for the Floreat Pica Society

It was an absolute shocker. I thought we erred significantly by dropping Keeffe. Sure he made some blues last week but when you are facing Daniher and Carlisle with Frost and Maxwell as the tall backs…. And he is one of the best kicks in the team. Perhaps someone should point out to Bucks that Maxwell has made a career of playing on medium and even small forwards, or as a loose man in defence. Remember when he was on Buddy a few years ago?

We were second to the ball right from the start. I turned to TAFKATBM after about the first 3 minutes and we agreed we were in for a bad day. The Dons were sharp and kicked accurately in the first term (and all game). We eventually got some flow but Pendles and White both kicked points from about 20m out on the run. We had a bad quarter but were only 8 points down at the break. Little was I aware we had just played our best quarter for the game. The next quarter and a half saw 8 goals to them and none to us. Our field kicking was deplorable. Our forward entries (and there were many in this period) were either passes to an opposition player or long kicks to 2 or 3 opposition players. Adams can clearly get the ball, but can’t dispose of it by foot with any reliability. Our other less skilled brigade – the Sack, Toovey, Blair and I hate to say it but also Swan, were badly exposed today. Swan’s wrist and perhaps groin problems must be the reason for his loss of touch and form. White continues to disappoint after some early promise.
We did not have one forward kick a goal.
Our 5 goals were kicked by Beams, Young, Lumumba and Seedsman. None of our forwards looked like kicking a goal. We really missed Elliott. He is a gun.
There was a period in the third quarter where Cloke was on the pine for several minutes, Witts was at full forward, Maxwell was hobbling and then Young was given the red vest after having a long shot for goal. The Triple M boys said that everyone on the Pies bench was arguing and that Bucks was trying to send a message. The only message I got from that was that maybe he can’t coach very well.
All I seemed to see was Stanton and Heppell getting the ball, Carlisle taking marks and Fletcher controlling the backline. On today’s form he’ll definitely play on next year.
I hope one of the coaches gets a tape measure and counts how many strides Frost can do in 15m, and then tells him. He ran about 30m on 3 occasions and was only pulled up once.
Time to play Broomhead and Martin and to stop making Kennedy wear the green vest. Apart from last week we seem to play better with 2 ruckman. At least Grundy could have maybe punched the ball away from Carlisle.
I can’t write much more. The sooner this game is forgotten the better (as a supporter). But the coaching staff should be locked in a room to watch it over and over again.
Votes for the Horsburgh:
3 to Sidey – has come back well from his mid season 3 game break
2 to Beams – kicked 2 great long goals
1 to Pendles – he was ok and there are no other contenders
No honourable mentions.
I have not heard any comments from Bucks, but I just hope he does not harp on about having 49 inside fifties to their 51. The only stats that count are the final scores of the teams – 103 to 39.
It feels a bit like the late 90’s right now.
I can’t wait for the Danny Roach report.

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