AFL Round 15 – Review

JTH on Round 15.

Celebrating Nick Krygios and wondering what type of leadership Brad Scott offers.


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  1. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Excellent write up JTH and what a fantastic effort from , Krygios we await the Nadal match up ! Spot on appalling leadership by Brad Scott nothing to do with you as a coach butt out and I am sure some kangaroo players would be embarrassed and angry with , Scott where surely his focus should be on his own side . Likewise Eddie the pies finally get a crap time slot and what follows a idiotic winge how about so many of the smaller or interstate clubs who have copped it for years !
    The battle for the spots in the 8 and just making it are alive thanks , Harmsy

  2. I’ve heard, and I’m sure that Brad Scott is a players coach. Which means he is too gutless to stand up to the players and tell them what should be, young and old, in no uncertain terms. He doesn’t have the ability to make good changes and won’t drop any player . They currently have atvleastvsix players every week who never get near the ball, but get regular games? How does that work? Brent Harvey is a 36 year old an. He is happy to give it out but he can’t take it. Maybe he should hang up the boots, but no he is too selfish for that. Rocklifff has every right to be cheeky to him. Who some he think he is? Does he want a guard of honour every time he runs out. Maybe that little old man is holding back other young players from shiniing at The roos. But nobody has the guts to tell him that at North. Even though I saw him flinch and not want body contact against the lions. No one has the guts to tell him. Nor do they have the guts to give Thomas and for that matter Thompson red jackets when it is clear that both play for frees nd are scared of body contact. I’ve seen it, it happens, I’m not blind to these things. Nor does anyone have the guts to tell Goldstein that it is a tough mans game and I know opposition coaches feel that if he gets a bump early, he becomes an ineffective six foot flanker. I wonder if he knows this? I see I this all the time. Oh and tell Leigh Adams he must have a great manager when he gets two years recently and kicks about five goals a year. Amazing retirement home is North Melbourne

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