AFL Round 14 – Gold Coast v Geelong: El Nino forecasts change and the Suns deliver.

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GOLD COAST 3.2 5.6 10.12 17.16 (118)

GEELONG 5.1 6.7 9.7 11.12 (78)

3 Bennell, 2 Ablett, 1 May

He is coming, the little one, El Nino. All over Queensland they are looking over their shoulders wondering when, if, how he will strike. Will it be 97-98 where we got it lucky? Will it be 83 where we got it in the belly?

Some people put the beginning of the end of the Joh years to that 80s drought. Hamstrung by bankrupting cockies and a flat mining industry, the old man was forced into the arms of the Gold Coast white shoe brigade and they wanted more for their pound of flesh.

Maybe El Nino will again see the rise of the Gold Coast. Anyone who watched their demolition of North under the roof in Melbourne may have shuddered under the shadow of Williams, Skase, Gore and Lee. El Nino means change.

The little one is definitely coming for the Cats, maybe the little ones: Ablett, O’Meara, Swallow and Prestia.

Its 24 degrees at 2:30 pm in the middle of June and somewhere a metaphor was dying. I had arrived early and on my own. In the heat I thought I’d turned into Gideon Haigh, only more confused.

Maybe I should have gone with an opening about my two-year-old climbing into bed with us this morning armed with the toilet brush. But who wants to know about that?

I hate Carrara, it’s that freakin’ song, the trumpet intro they play over and over.

Geelong have got half a new team on the park and our new full-forward, Shane Kerston kicks two in the first, Blicavs gives two away and Motlop does an excellent impression of a crap player.

Geelong are getting a lot of numbers behind the ball, I’m not sure why we do it, and they’re very fumbly. GC are tough, committed, but being squeezed for space. McKenzie is their weapon. His 65 metre passes break lines of their own.

Mauling second, it takes Bennell ten minutes to get the first goal, but it’s a goody. My lord that boy has put on some muscle.

Motlop turns on a goal of the year contender. Players are getting tired early, I have hopes for the second half. It looks like a football game is about to erupt.

Dixon nets a long one to end a GC goal drought- got that metaphor back. Half time.

It opens with traded goals, Luke Russell’s long effort lifts the volume and suddenly GC have the run of it. Geelong are trying to run through the middle and GC are holding them up well. Kirsten breaks the maul for the Cats and Hawkins doubles it up. This is a good game, GC start going long into the forward line and its working, its close, Bennell (I think) puts them ahead.

Jeez Geelong needs this siren, May is playing brilliantly on Hawkins, Prestia seems to own the ball.

Can I say at ¾ time, that this game promised to be a cracker, GC had a lot to play for and a chance to stamp a finals spot, but the ground is not full, not by a long way. To their credit those that have turned up are in full voice, as they should be. Maybe they’re still hung-over from this week’s Origin Rugby League game, where the Maroons finally lost.

The last quarter, opens and GC unload, they’re four goals up in a blink, Ablett is everywhere, Bennell kicks his fourth, fifth and sixth and they’re home. Oddly, the Cats don’t seem out of it, they just keep kicking points, Murdoch attempts a shot on the boundary from fifty and puts it out on the full, its that kind of effort.

… and of course Ablett puts the sword in.

Change is coming, my metaphor is smashed by rain, the Gold Coast is rising and I may have written something resembling a match report for the first time in years. Things are getting weird.



About Hamish Townsend

Hamish Townsend was born and raised in Geelong, supports the Cats and lives in Brisbane.


  1. Terrific report Hamish.

    I’ve decided I don’t like G. Ablett anymore.

  2. Hamish Townsend says

    Thanks Dips. Yeah, he kinda shits me now as well, he’s just so bloody perfect.

  3. Someone asked me recently if Cats fans hate Gary Ablett for leaving. No we still love him I said. What other opposition player would get a standing ovation at Kardina Park for kicking a goal?

    On Saturday night I hated him. Hated his ability to break a tackle, to get away a sneaky handball and most of all his ability to drop a fifty metre kick on the chest of his man inside the fifty as easy as you and I take breath.

    I guess it’s only fun when he does it to other Collingwood………

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