AFL Round 14 – Gold Coast v Adelaide: A chat with our newest Prime Minister

As the international correspondent for the Footy Almanac I had the pleasure of meeting with the PM after the game between Gold Coast and the Crows. Here is our verbatim conversation.

RU:  Good evening PM welcome and  what a great week it has been

KR: Good to be with you Bobby

RU: So can you take me back to the beginning of the week and what happened?

KR: You know something I thought you might ask me that question.

RU:  True but what were your first thoughts?

KR: Indeed. My very first thoughts were of shock and dismay how could our people get rid of the coach in such a way.  The coach seemed to be doing a great job but there must have been rumblings in the camp. So un-Australian.

RU:  You are calling Julia the coach.  Why?

KR:  Sorry I thought you were talking about Mickey Arthur.  My apologies.

RU: Well what about the coaching role?

KR: Well he has been replaced by a good bloke in Boofa. A real Queenslander if ever there was one. And talking of Queensland if I may, we also won the football game against New South Wales  to level the series . Cooper (Cronk), Cam (Smith) and Billy (Slater) were magnificent and don’t forget the Wallabies.

RU; Given your criteria surely those three players you mentioned are now bonifide Victorians?

KR: Not necessarily. You know it is six of one and half a dozen of the other.  Always a Queenslander like Greg Chappell and AB just good blokes

RU; What about the rest of the week you must have been feeling very confident?

KB: I certainly was .  We had a good lead up to the event. The media had certainly said we had been performing very well and it looked like we had the cattle to win this one.  But one can never be over confident can one?

RU: Did you and Bill Shorten have a lengthy discussion before the event?

KR: Bill Shorten, a good bloke. No I did not talk with Bill.  To be honest the only person I spoke with was Guy.

RU: Guy who?

KR: Guy McKenna of course – a good bloke. He was very confident going into this one and thought we had planned our defence and I might say our attack was focussed  around a lack of credibility in our opponents.

RU: What do you mean by lack of credibility?

KR: Well you know something they had been promising a lot but delivering very little particularly this year. Guy and I thought if we attacked from the back we would take the points. Sort of like back stabbing to use a parliamentary term.

RU: You had your chances to win plenty of times but have fallen over

KR: True, but this time we thought we had the numbers but it didn’t quite happen that way.

RU:What went wrong then?

KR: Well we never underestimate the opposition but in the end they had too much experience for us

RU: A bit like the Liberal Party?

KR: True.  They have some good guys and some bad ones. Take for instance young Dangerfield. You know he is Kate Ellis’s favourite player. He reminds me of Amanda Vanstone when she was in Power , pardon the pun. Throws his weight around gets out of the tight situations and is a strong leader. Did it beautifully this week.  Chris Pyne thinks he is OK also but I wouldn’t take his word for it. Had good support from the boy from Ballarat young Crouch a good young bloke.

RU: And what about your team will they stand up and be counted for the remainder of the year and September?

KR: You know something we will be very competitive. Young Dion Prestia was fantastic and he could lead us some day. According to the pollsters his rating has gone up over 100%.  He led from the front and it won’t be his fault if we lose the big one. Jaeger O’Meara is a young bloke who showed a lot in the trenches and he reminds me of Simon Crean, very smooth his day will come

RU:Your leadership has come under a great deal of scrutiny.  How will you perform  for the remainder of the year.

KR: You know something Bobby don’t worry about me it is more about the team and Gary

RU: Gary Gray?

KR:         No, Ablett.   Look I have lost Bill, Greg, Simon, Garrett, Emerson and co but we still have Ablett and he will go on to bigger and better things this year believe me. He may have been down a bit last week but when you get the scrutiny he gets it must occasionally wear you down don’t you think?

RU:  PM,  Just one last question. What of Julia?

KR: A good bloke she will certainly make a good President of the Footscray Football Club but she must watch her back believe me.

RU;  Thank you Prime  Minister

KR:  No, thank you. Good to be with you.

Kevin Rudd became Australia’s 28th Prime Minister on Thursday 27th June 2013.

The Gold Coast Suns lost a winnable game against the Adelaide Crows on Saturday 29th June 2013

Adelaide Crows             1.4     8.7       11.10   16.15 (111)
Gold Coast Suns            3.5     5.11     9.14     11.17 (83)

Adelaide: Wright 4. Jenkins 2, Porplyzia 2, Lynch 2, A.Riley, Smith, Vince, Van Berlo, Dangerfield, Douglas
Gold Coast: Brwon 2, Gorringe 2, Prestia 2, Ablett  2, May 2, Hall


Adelaide: Dangerfield, Crouch,Jenkins, Porplyzia, Van Berlo

Gold Coast: Prestia, O’Meara, Ablett, McKenzie

Umpires: McBurney, Schmitt,Pannell

Official crowd: 13,791 at Metricon Stadium

Our Votes: 3 Prestia (GC)  2 Dangerfield  (A) 1 Crouch (A)

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At 80 years of age Citrus Bob is doing what he wanted to do as a 14 year-old living on the farm at Lang Lang. Talking, writing, watching sport. Now into his third book on sports history he lives in Mildura with his very considerate wife (Jenny ) and a groodle named "Chloe On Flinders". How good is that.


  1. Ben Footner says

    The team might be lacking a bit of cred at the moment, but your boy Danger has it in spades Bob! His work has made the price of admission worth it despite the teams general poor form this year!

    PS – Plan to take in the sights of Mildura in August, looking forward to it!

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