AFL Round 13 – Geelong v St Kilda: Saints hit rock-bottom at the Cattery

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Geelong v St. Kilda: Simonds Stadium: 1.10 PM Sunday 15 June


There is not much that you can say about a 16 goal loss. The Saints continued their horror run in season 2014, this time at the hands of the Cats. In a lack lustre game, there were really only two highlights for the Saints. The first was when Maverick Weller kicked the first goal of the game at the 15 second mark of the first quarter– yes, the 15 second mark: this is not a mistake. The Cats hadn’t even had a possession!


It looked like the Saints might be on. Sadly, it wasn’t to be. The Cats toyed with the Saints for the remainder of the first quarter, and then the quarter after that, and the next one as well. At three quarter time the Cats lead by 90 points. The only other goal for the Saints in this period was a free kick to Nick Riewoldt, though he actually marked the ball. The Saints rallied early in the last quarter with Cameron Shenton, who had a five minute purple patch, kicking his first career goal, following some fine team play, with a bomb from outside the 50. This was followed by a nice snap by Jack Billings.


The Cats then rallied with four goals and jumped to a 102 point lead. A 100 plus point thumping was on the cards. Now for the second highlight. With little more than a minute to go, the Saints pushed the ball forward and David Armitage, in his first game back following his poisoned knee, earnt a free kick, after a push in the back. He converted to bring the deficit down to less than 100 points. He showed a few flashes on his return, but will be better for the run next week. The Saints are now on the bottom of the ladder, with an embarrassing percentage, and look like a strong candidate for having the first pick in the up coming draft.


As sad and as difficult it is to say this, today’s game was probably the Saints worst for the year; even worse than the 115 point loss to the Hawks. The Saints structure fell apart and the coaching staff seemed to be bereft of ideas on how to stop Cats easy flow out of defence into attack and easy goals. Sebastian Ross and Farren Ray were the best two players for the Saints; with Jimmy Webster, Maverick Weller and evergreen Lenny Hayes not far behind. The Saints’ brains trust will be forced to come up with a new game plan to convert the never ceasing endeavour the players put in, week after week, to tangible results on the scoreboard. Next week the West Coast at home; the thing about being a Saint is that one never gives up on the team turning things around. By definition, Saints always live in hope. Go Saints!


Geelong:    6.4   12.7   16.11   20.13 (133)

St. Kilda:   1.2    2.3      2.5       5.7   (37)



Geelong: Duncan 3, Selwood 3, Walker 3, Hawkins 3, Murdoch 2, Stringer, Bartel, Mackie, Lang, Motlop.

St. Kilda: Weller, Riewoldt, Shenton, Billings, Armitage.



Geelong: Bartel, Stokes, Mackie, Motlop, Duncan.

St. Kilda: Ross, Ray, Webster, Weller, Hayes.


Umpires: Farmer, Burgess, Armstrong                                               Crowd: 25,180


Our Votes: Bartel 3 (Geel), Stokes 2 (Geel), Mackie 1 (Geel).





  1. Careful what you say about rock-bottoms Braham. There is an old saying in 12 Step circles – “if you call it rock-bottom its only a ledge.”
    Then again you’ve got my Eagles at home next week, so you are in with a chance.

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