AFL Round 12 – Melbourne v Collingwood: Rivalry runs deep

Teams of the Century are given far more relevance than they really deserve. Selected by 6-10 people with their own opinions and prejudices. Created to sell memorabilia. So it’s not worth getting worked up over some of the selections. Even if it’s [EXPLETIVE] ridiculous that Collingwood couldn’t manage to get a single player in the team when the AFL selected their team of the century in 1996. I read with interest in Saturday’s Herald Sun the drama surrounding the selection of the Full Back in that 1996 team. Jack Regan, the so-called “Prince of Full-Backs” was apparantly a lock for the position in the minds of the selectors until Percy Beames and Bill Jacobs, who had seen him play, disagreed. What a shock Melbourne man Beames didn’t rate a Collingwood hero who starred against some of the great Full-Forwards in an era of great Full-Forwards. Whose battles with the great Bob Pratt (also unlucky not to be in that side) are legendary. Beames no doubt had a role in the selection of Norm Smith (coached 6 premierships) as coach of that team ahead of Jock McHale (8 flags). Even if Regan wasn’t the man for Full-Back surely there was a spot for a Coventry, a Collier, a Bob Rose or a Peter Daicos in that team? Maybe I’m biased.

Gillon McLachlan has just taken over the top job and is trying to right some past AFL wrongs. I’ve put up my hand to help. Have submitted a revised and improved VFL/AFL team of the Century (1897-1996)  that is fairer to all and contains no anti-Collingwood bias. See the bottom of this article for the new team of the century that I expect to be approved and announced by the AFL by the end of the week. I’ve also recommended that they go easy on the late Percy Beames due to his good character, service to the game (213 games and 3 flags for the Dees) and the fact he played cricket for Victoria (1186 runs at 51.56 in 18 First Class matches). He was also chief football and cricket writer for The Age for more than 30 years so obviously knew his stuff. So his only punishment for his anti-Collingwood bias will be that the Percy Beames Bar in the members will be re-named the Dayne Beams Bar. He will still have a fridge named after him.

The 2014 Melbourne v Collingwood Queens Birthday match had few redeeming features.

It was a dull game.

Melbourne set up well and made scoring hard for the Pies. And themselves. Plenty of errors by both teams. As Bucks said in his press conference, this game won’t be featured on ‘Footy Flasbacks’. Collingwood did enough. Witts and Grundy continue their development. Grundy better around the ground but Witts’ palming of the ball in ruck contests to Collingwood’s advantage is impressive. Getting regular games into these two has been a huge plus. Young played as good a game as he has played in the black and white. Seedsman shows we are a better team with him in it. Our young defenders Frost, Keefe, Langdon and Williams do well. Pendles is always good.

For Melbourne, Nathan Jones is a good hard player. He leads well. Dunn gets the better of Cloke in an impressive performance. I like Viney, will be a very good player. Jeremy Howe does well down back, takes a good hanger but would add a lot to their forward line. Especially when the Demons only kick 3 goals.

Always happy with a win. Hope the entertainment value is much higher next week.

COLLINGWOOD           1.2     3.7     5.10     8.13 (61)

MELBOURNE                1.3     2.4     3.6      3.10  (28)


COLLINGWOOD: Beams 2, Cloke 2, Pendlebury, Elliot, Goldsack, Macaffer

MELBOURNE: Jones, Howe, Vince


COLLINGWOOD: Pendlebury, Young, Langdon, Frost, Mac Swan, Seedsman, Keefe, Grundy, Beams

MELBOURNE: Jones, Dunn, Vince, Cross

CROWD: 68,124 at the MCG



3. Scott Pendlebury (Collingwood)

2. Clinton Young (Collingwood)

1. Nathan Jones (Melbourne)



B: Harold Rumney (Collingwood)  Jack Regan (Collingwood)  Syd Coventry (Collingwood) (Captain)

HB: Billy Picken (Collingwood, Sydney) Albert Collier (Collingwood, Fitzroy) Nathan Buckley (Collingwood)

C: Thorold Merrett (Collingwood) Bob Rose (Collingwood) Darren Millane (Collingwood)

HF: Des Fothergill (Collingwood) Murray Weideman (Collingwood) Dick Lee (Collingwood)

F: Phonse Kyne (Collingwood) Gordon Coventry (Collingwood) Peter Daicos (Collingwood)

R: Len Thompson (Collingwood, South Melbourne, Fitzroy) Des Tuddenham (Collingwood, Essendon) Harry Collier (Collingwood)

I/C: Tony Shaw (Collingwood) Wayne Richardson (Collingwood) Marcus Whelan (Collingwood) Gavin Brown (Collingwood)

Coach: Jock McHale (Collingwood)

I’m sure this team picked with an abscence of anti-Collingwood bias will be well received. Also nice that some Swans, Lions and  Bombers players made the team. This line-up will surely sell some memorabilia. What do you mean it looks exactly like Collingwood’s team of the century???

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  1. No Rene Kink? Ryan Lonie? Dannie Seow?

    Surely you could expand the bench Luke

  2. E.regnans says

    Good well-balanced selection, Luke.
    Imagine this team taking on the “other” AFL team of the century.
    All players at their peak.
    Venue: Victoria Park, Abbotsford.
    Time: 2pm Saturday, August 1929.

  3. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Good stuff Luke surely you could het that other , Luke Reynolds over to the pies from the blues just to finish the tean of the century off ? Very generous re the fridge ! Re yesterday’s game the pies did what they had to do we all wait and see whether , Scharenberg is the missing link in the long run ( wish , Aish was at vic park )
    Thanks Luke

  4. DBalassone says

    I love the fact that there’s no Collingwood players in the team of the century. These teams are always fashion statements rather than anything meaningful. That AFL/VFL team of the century selected in ’96 was done with an enormous amount of nostalgia for the 60s and 70s. Francis Bourke and Jezza in the starting 18 ahead of Gary Ablett senior? John Nichols in the back pocket? Royce Hart ahead of Wayne Carey? Nevermind that Carey is possibly vying with Lethal as the greatest player of all time. A bloke at full-back who scrags more than Micky Gayfer and can’t kick?

    Good write up Luke, Pies did what they had to do. A win’s a win, but I still think Port, Hawthorn, Swans and Freo are the teams to beat this year. We, along with North, are probably the wildcards. Could Cloke have done anything more with 15 Melbourne players in the back 50? I thought he worked pretty hard for this possessions and did okay, considering Roos’ stategy.

  5. Collingwood versus the Rest of the World.

    Always has been, always will be. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Would love to have a beer in the Dayne Beams Bar with you Luke and watch watch highlights of your TOTC in action.

  6. Skip of Skipton says

    Hard to comprehend how a bloke who kicked 1299 goals in the ’20s and ’30s, and held the record for 60 odd years, couldn’t get picked for the TOTC. Bollocks really. Plonk Ablett on a wing and jettison either of Bourke or Greig.

  7. Luke Reynolds says

    Some great names there Sean. Might sneak them into the emergencies.

    e.regnans- wouldn’t it be great to go back to Victoria Park in 1929!

    Thanks Malcolm, looking forward to seeing Scharanberg eventually take the field. Aish has been very impressive the times I’ve seen him play.

    Damian- good points re the favouring of the 60s and 70s players in the TOTC and about the crowding of Cloke. Hopefully the return of Reid and White will make it easier for him.

    Jeff- From now on I will only ever refer to it as the Dayne Beams Bar

    Couldn’t agree more Skip. What a player G.Coventry must have been.

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