AFL Round 11- Sydney v Geelong: Swans Storm To Premiership Favouritism


It was quite lucky that my business trip to Sydney coincided with the Swans Cats game on a Thursday night. Despite that fact that the Cats were missing Enright and Lonergan that was balanced by the Swans missing Pyke. It looked like an appetizing affair on paper and the Sydney folk thought so as well with 37,000 making their way to the SCG. Thursday night football may be here to stay.There was a reasonable Geelong following and the Sydney Crowd is definitely different to what you find in Adelaide or Melbourne. It is a little bit more shall we say Wimbledon like with polite applause, picnic hampers and no sign of foul language anywhere to be seen.

As I made my way to our seats with my work colleague Athol my cousin who was driving from Parramatta and left 2 hours ago called to say he was stuck in traffic. He missed the first quarter which simply wouldn’t happen in Adelaide. As it turns out the game was over by then. The Swans were switched on from the first bounce with the forward line of Tippett, Franklin and Goodes gelling like they had been playing together for years. It seems due to his injuries everyone had forgotten what a colossus Tippett could be. He was winning every contest and despite missing from the goalsqaure was simply unstoppable. The 25 point margin at quarter time could have been 50.

Also notable was Buddy sacrificing himself for the Team dragging Harry Taylor out of the play and also when he did have the ball not bombing away but looking for better options. It seems the Swans have forced him to buy into the Bloods culture. Goodes was lively around the packs crumbing off the Big 2 and looking fresh as a daisy. The Aussie batsmen used to say in the 1980’s if Marshall or Holding doesn’t get you Garner will and it looks now like the same applies to the Swans. The midfield was outstanding as well with lesser lights Bird, Parker and McGlynn outstanding. The Swans outnumbered the Cats at every contest and Malceski racked up possessions marshalling his troops superbly from half-back.

On the other end of the ledger this was the worst I had ever seen the Cats play. The fans in front of us were saying how their 1 goal in the first half was their worst performance in 13 years. Selwood was shut down by Bird and Johnson was unsighted for most of the night. Capping off a horror night, they lost triple premiership defender Andrew Mackie to a suspected rib injury. He finished the match in the red vest after being accidentally kneed by McGlynn in the third quarter. This was surely too bad to be true. I expect them to hit back hard next week against Carlton.
The Swans on the other hand appear to have no real weakness. With Pyke to come back to assist the much improved Derricx I feel that the Swans are certain to play in a Grand Final this year and are rightly now premiership favourites.


SYDNEY SWANS 4.4 8.9 14.11 22.16 (148) GEELONG CATS 0.3 1.3 2.4 5.8 (38)

GOALS Sydney Swans: Tippett 5, Franklin 4, Goodes 3, Jack, Derickx, Hannebery 2, Bird, Lloyd, McGlynn, Jetta Geelong Cats: Hawkins 3, Simpson, Johnson

BEST Sydney Swans: Tippett, Malceski, Shaw, Goodes, Hannebury Geelong Cats: Stokes, Johnson, Selwood

Our votes Tippett 3 Malceski 2, Goodes 1

Umpires: Fisher, Nicholls, Ryan Crowd: 37,355


  1. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Great stuff Raj and as much as I hate to say it , Tippett is as imposing as any forward in the comp and Derickx yet another , Richmond discard making a significant contribution at another club ( he is a mile better player than , Mrs Gale )
    Sydney are going to be v hard to beat is a massive understatement )
    Thanks Raj

  2. Spot on Raj, great write up. Entertaining as usual.

  3. Great write up yet again, rajiniho. Syd were lethal, but want to see then play the power for the full test. Geelong were awful and all is definitely not right in camp cats. Look forward to more write ups.

  4. Nice write up Raj. The Swans simply crushed a despondent Cats.

    However, not sure I agree with this comment:
    “Despite that fact that the Cats were missing Enright and Lonergan that was balanced by the Swans missing Pyke.”

  5. Solid, factual analysis Raj. The forward line of Sydney was awesome. They played the perfect game, but if I remember correctly, they did the same last season against Adelaide and everyone had penned them in for another premiership.

    I like that the pundits still don’t rate the Power. Keep flying under the radar boys.

  6. Bert Bollard says

    I watched, last night, (on Pay TV) The Swans versus Geelong from round 21, 1987.
    It was an extradinary game of the old school, with The Cats just getting over the lines care of the last half of Bruce Lindner, and a the whole games of Andrew Bew and Paul Couch (who kicked five or six).
    But what was most remarkable, for me, was the commentators mentioning that the Geelong Reserves had won by over 100 points, with Ablett kicking seven and Brownless ten!
    NOW there’s a couple blokes, who could play a bit, running around in the McGoo’s !
    I mention this, as it made me ponder a football truism that had been resonating with me since Thursday nights game.
    “If you don’t have any socks, you can’t pull them up.”
    Have Geelong finally reached the point where their depth is failing and their list, top heavy heavy with aging champions, can no longer be relied on to pull them over the line?
    Unlike other year, The Cats VFL side is just middle of the table and the players waiting to coming back in are all of a similar type.
    And, maybe The Cats have sunk into the morass of modern footy, that is an obsession with mid fielders at the expense of key position players (a situation exasperated by all of the best of them being taken by GWS and The Suns).
    Isn’t that what The Swans (and The Hawks) illustrate so clearly, it is big dominant key position players that take good sides and make them elite sides?

  7. Very insightful Bert. You may be right I dont see the Cats as a premiership threat any more but tehy are always dangerous especially at home. I expect a vicious response Friday night.

  8. Bert Bollard says

    Thanks Raj.
    I hope I’m wrong.

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