AFL Round 11 – St. Kilda v Collingwood: Pies Glide Over The Saints


St. Kilda v Collingwood: Etihad Stadium: 7.40 PM Friday 30 May


By Braham Dabscheck



This was a curious game. It lacked passion.

Collingwood, seemed to have assumed that this would be an easy game; a game which it could win without much effort. And they weren’t wrong. The Pies simply went through the motions as the Saints struggled once more to put four quarters together. In both the first and last quarters the Saints conceded 7 goals to experience a 14 goal loss.

The first contest of the game involved the Pies’ Steele Sidebottom elbowing the head of Maverick Weller, who had played well against the Suns, who was concussed and subbed out of the game. Some Saints decided to remonstrate with Sidebottom, while others played on and turned over the ball for the Pies to have the first shot on goal. As with recent games the Saints conceded the first goal. They then held firm, kicked 3 goals and were 2 up late in the first quarter. With the Pies wasting forward thrusts and looking out of sorts, one (those ones with halos) began to imagine an upset was on the cards; or at a minimum, the Saints would lead at quarter time.


Football is a cruel game, not for the faint hearted, especially followers of the Saints. Let’s face it; you have to be a Saint to be a Saint. The Pies than put the foot down and kicked 6 goals in a hurry to lead by 4 at quarter time. They then kicked the first two in the second quarter to basically close out the game. The Saints matched them in the second and third quarters and then fell apart in the last for a comprehensive loss.


The Saints rarely possess the fluency going forward that characterises top teams. Handballs go astray, or put a fellow player under pressure; and kicking, especially the short stuff, either falls short or is over the head of the target, who is usually Nick Riewoldt. The Saints are too Riewoldt centric; star player that he is. How will things be once he hangs up his boots? It is too terrible to imagine! More use could be made of him as a decoy with long kicks over the top for a road runner to gather and goal. The Saints struggle to get the ball forward; and when they do, it bounces back like a pinball.


Despite the loss, a number of Saints performed well. Lenny Hayes was his usual self and added a new dimension for the Saints when he was moved forward. Riewoldt always performs well, especially in the first half. Terry Milera had another good game. The backline was over worked with both Jack Newnes and Cameron Shelton performing well under pressure. Both combine hardness with a bit of dash. Luke Dunstan and Leigh Montagna were competitive in the mid field.


As with all teams the Saints show flashes of brilliance. There were the goals in the first quarter, Jack Steven’s left foot soccer goal on the stroke of half time and the lead up work to Arryn Siposs’s in the third. But such moments are far and few between. This was another game where the Saints were unable to get 10 goals on the board. Hopefully they will soon find their way to produce a four quarter effort, both for themselves and their band of loyal fans.


St. Kilda          3.2    6.2    8.5    8.6 (54)

Collingwood    7.2   10.5  14.8  21.14 (140)



St. Kilda:  Riewoldt 3, Milera, Ray, Steven, Dunstan, Siposs.

Collingwood: Cloke 5, Fasolo 4, Elliot 4, Thomas 3, White 2, Blair, Beams, Witts.



St.Kilda: Hayes, Riewoldt, Newnes, Shenton, Montagna.

Collingwood: Beams, Fasolo, Cloke, Elliot, Thomas.


Umpires: Donlon, Stevic, Armstrong.                                         Crowd: 34,855


Our Votes: Beams 3 (Coll), Fasolo 2 (Coll), Hayes 1 (St. K).


  1. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Glad to see ex redleg , Cameron Shenton is progressing the saints are starting from a long way back post , Lyon and Watters hopefully the youth come thru
    thanks , Braham

  2. Yvette Wroby says

    Loved the line u have to be a saint to be a saint. So true. Well reported. Yvette

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